The Paceline Podcast #31

The Paceline Podcast #31

Fatty drank too much Leadville and now has a figurative hangover. The Paceline looks at how to keep riding when the rides fail to measure up.

The Rio games ended in the dirt. The mountain bike events were some of the last competitions. We look at Peter Sagan’s day against the world’s best. It got off to an electric start but his ride was quickly short circuited. And we review the winning bikes in Rio.

Padraig has a development on the advocacy front and it involves a major environmental group that has  not been a fan of mountain bikers. A Sierra Club chapter in the south is doing an about face on its position on knobby tires.

Michael has a follow up to his race day feeding frenzy. Turns out his eating and pedaling generated enough energy to keep the lights on in a small house.

When you get new tires for a car, its standard procedure to have them mounted and balanced. So why not the same for bike wheels?  Silca has a new system that can take out some of the hop in deep-carbon wheels.



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