The Paceline Podcast #30

The Paceline Podcast #30

The Pro-Roadie turnout at the Leadville Trail 100 got a lesson in altitude and fortitude. The Paceline breaks down how the boys who favor skinnies did in the thin air of the Rockies.

Fatty had another day to remember at the LT100. This was his 20th start. He had one mission and one gear. But as always, his benchmark race of the year provides lessons and memories for his archives.

courtesy of: Chris Dunavan

Photo: Chris Dunavan

Fatty has described the LT100 as an eating and drinking competition, so he and Michael will detail everything they ingested on race day.

Padraig also put down tracks in a mountain bike race. Find out what the third wheel was up to on the day of the LT100. Here’s a teaser: there are splints involved.

We put our mountain biking aside for a moment to rip the surfer who went after a cyclist in Orange County, CA. Luckily there was a bike-cam recording it all. The tape tells all: this guy is a bona fide jerk and possibly a criminal.

Equipment choices are key at Leadville. Eagles were everywhere, including on the winners’ machines.



Show Links:

LT100 results

Fatty’s multi-part Leadville recap

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  2. rohit

    Nice work on the podcast and the race. Hotten may see himself as “just” not quitting, but his times show that he “did not quit” in a really fast fashion.

    I am so happy I now know everything that went into (and out of) Hotten’s body during the LT100. This is the kind of discussion that only cyclists and perhaps long-distance runners can have and find fascinating. That was an impressive amount of food for a guy who I think weighs less than bike.

    Two more things. 1) I want XX1 eagle. Then I too will be Fatty’s Bane. 2) YEAH TODD WELLLS! As Fatty said, it was uplifting to see Todd bombing down Columbine, leading the group, having gapped the field by what felt like 30 minutes. I know this is more of a road-heavy site, but it was really really awesome to see a full-on mountain biker taking it to the roadies.

  3. Michael Hotten

    Thanks for listening. I will have a little more on the #LT100MTB consumption.

    Todd had a great day and then he backed it up with a win at the Breck Epic. And he is in his early 40s!

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