The Paceline Podcast  #26

The Paceline Podcast #26

The Paceline officially joins the Chris Froome Fan Club. Yes, we have concluded that the data-driven, calculating, Kenyan turned Brit, has become someone we can root for. How has this happened? We were making fun of this guy, even accusing him of being a fraud, just one tour ago. Now he is “our guy” for the overall.

A small city in a corner of Los Angeles County has become the epicenter for bicycle safety. It started with the deaths of three cyclists in and near Palos Verdes Estates. The city council is about to respond with signage reminding motorists of California’s 3 Foot Law and telling drivers that cyclists may use the full lane. Sounds simple. But nothing is in small, wealthy communities, where council members can get an earful even for something as simple as signs.

Padraig brings us the latest on the efforts of the Sustainable Trails Coalition as it attempts to open up trail access in Wilderness Areas. A bill has been introduced that would remove mountain bikes from the banned list and give control to local land managers. But the bill is being carried by two Utah, Republican Senators who have some of the worst environmental rankings in all of Congress.

For the gear-heads, we check out the latest Garmin product that has a bit of a stalking element to it. And the one bike company that had to think most about how to get into the 27.5 wheel size market has made its move.



Show Links:

Chris Froome, yes he has a webpage

Palos Verdes Estates Police Chief on cyclists

Padraig’s take on opening up trails in wilderness areas

Garmin’s “find your friends” model

Niner goes 27.5’er

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