Winter PressCamp 2016, Part IV

Winter PressCamp 2016, Part IV

Winter Press Camp this year meant a return to my old stomping grounds, and a chance to ride Mulholland for the first time since last spring. Southern California was enjoying a respite from the recent rains and our late morning rides were the stuff of serious hooky. We all felt like we were getting away with something.

A number of our attendees were from Midwestern states and with the winters they’ve been having, well, let’s just say that the pasty white skin exposed alleviated us from any need for blinking lights or reflectors.


Haibike is a name that at this point is still short on recognition, but that will change soon enough. The German line has taken a long position on ebikes. No other brand has produced so many models of such varied expression. During our meeting we talked eMTBs and Tina Puello noted that in Europe, there is none of the furor over them the way there is here. I noted that trail access isn’t the issue there that it is here. We’ve reason to be concerned in a way that Europe isn’t. The Sduro trekking bike, pictured above continues to be a model that calls me. In it, I see a great around town bike for sweat-free errands. IMG_1849

Alpinestars is releasing a bunch of new MTB-oriented apparel. This rain jacket was of particular interest. In addition to a hood that slips over your helmet, it has this waterproof sleeve pocket pictured below, which is perfect for your smart phone.IMG_1850

With such easy access to my phone, I can imagine my wife saying, “So why didn’t you respond to my text?” Yeah, it may cut down on excuses. IMG_1851

They also showed off a new full-finger glove which would be great for gravel rides and cyclocross. IMG_1854

The fingertip grippers look durable and feel grippy. Just the sort of thing to help hang on to the hoods on rough terrain. IMG_1855

Ellsworth mountain bikes has undergone a couple of transitions recently, in terms of ownership. Founder Tony Ellsworth is still at the helm and was upbeat and enthusiastic about the new ownership and the team he has assembled around him. They showed off varied configurations of its Epiphany trail bike that would allow you to do anything from cross country to enduro. While I didn’t have a chance to ride one at PressCamp, I plan to get on one soon. The company still strives to produce as much in the U.S. as is feasible, and they go for transparency, telling consumers just how much of the bike was produced stateside. It’s a nice way to do business.

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