Winter Press Camp 2016, Part II

Winter Press Camp 2016, Part II

On day two, attendees must have been thinking “what winter”? Temps climbed into the low 70s. Jackets, gloves and leg warmers stayed in hotel rooms as we rolled out for late morning ride in the Southern California sun. Winter Press camp, yeah right.

The “Winter” Press Camp then seemed to be a perfect opportunity to slip into one of Giordana’s new offerings for 2016: the Sahara Kit. The name making it clear that the bibs and jersey are tailored hot weather riding.


Giordana says the Sahara kit can help a rider “beat the heat” with a bib fabric that is woven to breathe. It still has compression, which has become a hallmark for the Italian brand’s bottoms, but less so than say the the FR-C bibs. And the double cuffing on the lower leg is designed to relieve heat generated on a climb or during a schvitz. Bibs retail for $200.

The top is just plain light: 90 Grams. Giordana says that’s 30g fewer than anyone else making a so-called climber’s jersey. It’s no substitute for sun screen but the company says the jersey comes with 50spf. Jersey price tag is $160.


Padraig pulled on a classic looking top from Giordana’s Sport collection. Heritage looks with an up to date fabric. It has a polyester/merino wool blend. It seemed like too much jersey for our romp into the Santa Monica mountains but there was not a single sweat stain when we got back.

The Sahara, Lungo and NX-G are the three new lines from Giordana and all three are getting the companies new chamois, the Cirro S or the S-W for women.  It’s has a little more coverage than last year’s and an application of Aloe Vera using Nano technology. We look forward to some serious saddle time in these new offerings.



  1. Velociraptor

    Any true Sahara kit should have a long-sleeve jersey.

    It’s a very difficult to find long-sleeve jerseys for hot weather riding. Any suggestions?

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