The Paceline Podcast #3

The Paceline Podcast #3

Morality takes center stage on The Paceline. We talk about the honor system when signing up for an event and those who take advantage. This started with an innocent post by a Paceline host, but turned into a bit of a firestorm. Competitive cyclists are some of the toughest people on the planet, but calling one a sandbagger can result in some hurt feeelings.

A cross wind has hit mountain bikers and just like in a road race, the field could be split. A former IMBA leader signs up for a new team and asks his former followers to join him.

Whoever said “there ought to be a law” should listen to our segment on two new bike regulations we dug up. One makes cyclists creating traffic back-ups pull over. The other would require flags raised 15 feet high on all bikes. Yeah, right.

We also hear from one of the greatest rock-n-roll singers of all time and his comeback from a wicked crash.

Show Links:

Cycling and sandbagging

Sustainable Trails Coalition

Bono’s cool video and cooler cause

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  1. Todd

    While the Sustainable Trails Coalition are promoting mountain biking out in the middle of nowhere they are ignoring mountain biking where it is really needed. Take a look at the statistics from the Outdoor Foundation. Skateboarding is kicking mountain biking’s ass in the youth 6 to 17 age group. 3.7% of youth participate in Mountain Biking and 6.9% participate in Skateboarding. And why is skateboarding doing so well against mountain biking? It’s because there is a skateboard park in almost every little town of 10,000 people. That’s what mountain biking needs to do to get youth interested in the sport.

    While the Sustainable Trails Coalition is trying to make hay with the recent passage of the Boulders/White Clouds Wilderness in Idaho, you also have to remember that Mountain Bikers were not shut out of the process. Mountain Bikers knew that Boulder/White Cloud could have become a National Monument. It was known that mountain bikers should contact their members of Congress in support of the National Monument designation. So, mountain bikers had input on this, but in the end because of a Republican tactic, it became a Wilderness Area. The Republican didn’t want Obama to get credit for designating a National Monument. So basically the Republicans are playing games with our wild areas. Remember that these are the same Republican members of Congress that Ted Stoll wants to sponsor his bill.

    1. Padraig

      Terrific point with regard to places for kids to ride bikes. It suggests that with IMBA’s hands being full with its efforts and STC chasing national legislation, that maybe yet another organization is needed to tackle places to ride close to home.

  2. John Kopp

    It has occurred to me that the 15 foot flag requirement would make bicycles oversized vehicles due to height restrictions and require a permit prompting the DOT to approve routes with any detours around low obstructions identified. The state transportation department would love this! What was that legislator smoking?

  3. Mike C

    The legislatior probably wasn’t smoking anything. It may have been the same one that said putting too many large homes on one side of a small island could cause it to tip over. ..
    Not kidding. ..
    The video is on Youtube, I just can’t seem to imbed it.
    And these guys are voted in to make our laws

  4. Jonathan

    And meanwhile in North Carolina, the department of transportation is pushing a law that would require permits for informal group rides.

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