The Paceline Podcast #2

The Paceline Podcast #2

The Paceline has a winter training program for every climate. From dodging the weather, to diving right in, to staying indoors, it’s all about keeping the rust off.

The Paceline does the Idaho stop. San Francisco Supervisors have told its police department to lay off the cyclists at stop signs. Our panel talks about how the “yield” mentality affects the reputation of cyclists.

The show takes a shot at the wild world of wheel sizes. What’s it going to be, 27.5, 27.5+, 29, 700c? Patrick wrote about this for RKP and now the Paceline sizes up today’s hoops and the many applications.

And someone put a bong in our bottle cage. Find out what happens when Mary Jane is introduced to someone trying to balance on two wheels.

Links to what you will hear:

The Idaho stop in SF

The Great Wheel Debate

Riding while high

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  1. Tom in Albany

    I ride the way I drive. I roll stop signs consistently whether I’m in my car or on my bike. I don’t think drivers care about us rolling stop signs as long as we’re safe. However, if they generally hate cyclists, watching one Idaho stop will raise blood pressure.

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