The Paceline Podcast #5

The Paceline Podcast #5

Old Cazadero 2016 is in the books. Padraig encountered a star studded field, perfect conditions and put his new found fitness to its first test.

We discuss the benefits and pitfalls of pre riding a course. The good ‘ol recon ride. What may seem like the right thing to do–taking a lap at you upcoming epic–can turn into a mess. Fatty documented how wrong things can go.

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A Norther California city has used Strava times to ban bikes in a local park. We hear from the community and council members of Los Altos Hills. Byrne Preserve has six Strava sections. The speeds posted on the leader boards were all the the city leaders needed to kick out bikes.

Shimano has announced some major price cuts and Padraig has some advice on how consumers should respond. Giant is going consumer direct, just like Trek has. And Rapha is expanding its retail opportunities.

Show Links:

Old Cazadero 2016

Recon rides and the True Grit Epic

Strava times and City Hall

Giant goes consumer direct

Shimano price cuts

Rapha retail


Image: Steven Woo, Flickr Creative Commons

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  1. Joshua Hoover

    Strava should share responsibility for idiots Should we hold cycling computer manufacturers liable too? I don’t think so.

    Should Google be held responsible for individuals who use Google search to help them commit crimes?

    I think those of us on group rides should hold one another accountable. Set clear guidelines and expectations for the rides up front and be firm in calling each other out when someone is crossing the line. Why don’t we do that in general? We’re scared of liability (like Strava is if they police things) and we’re uncomfortable with the confrontation.

  2. peter lin

    Strava is buggy and unreliable. They should make it easier for people to report inappropriate segment on trails that have speed limits. They let you delete your own segments, but that doesn’t stop others from creating a segment in places that aren’t appropriate. A simple geofence filter would prevent that.

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