Friday Group Ride #293

Friday Group Ride #293

My wife says I’m impossible to buy for. She knows what I like bikes, but I’m very particular about the stuff I ride. We also have the challenge that, as someone who works in the industry, I can buy most of the things I want for less than she can, so that leaves footie pajamas and Whitman samplers on my Christmas list.

There are bigger problems.

If I’m honest, most every day is like Christmas in the bike biz. I know a guy who does ad sales for one of the big cycling sites. He hasn’t paid for a bike in almost a decade, and he doesn’t have any junk in his garage either. Neither has he paid for a piece of kit or a t-shirt or a hat. Generally speaking, it’s not quite as freewheeling as that (no pun), but the truth is, being able to play, mostly, for a living, is a gift we’d all do well to appreciate more.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have any bike stuff on my Christmas list. I could use a pair of these,  and I like this a lot. I’d like to add one of these to my tool box, and a pair of these to my mountain bike.

Nothing, bike-wise, can top the Christmas when I was 9, when a red Peugot CPX-100 BMX bike was kick-standed in front of the tree. The moment I saw that bike, and the years after, during which I rode, jumped and crashed it, were among the best moments of my life. That wasn’t even a great bike by the standards of the day, but I didn’t care. I’ve never loved a bike so much.

I have parked bikes for both my boys in front of the tree in the last few years, but I don’t believe the effect was the same. These are the perils of trying to recreate your own joy for the next generation.

With Christmas a week away, this week’s Group Ride asks what is the one, best bike thing on your Christmas list? Is it a bike? Are you getting it for yourself? What is the etiquette on Christmas gifts for yourself (asking for a friend)? Is it clothing or something else, a tool, a part, a power meter? I hope it’s not a power meter.

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  1. John Kopp

    A biking jersey, bright and colorful, with wild styling, that screams I’m riding this road, so give me plenty of room!

  2. Junker

    “Hall-passes” for mountain bike tours and all-day road rides with my buddies are the beginning and end of my list.
    I have more cycling stuff than I’ll ever wear out, the thing I dream about is playing in the woods and fooling around with my pals, the fancy bikes and high tech clothes are incidental to moving logs around, shooting slingshots and eating snacks with our feet dangling in the creek.

  3. Rick

    I too am rather particular about what I want related to the bike so other than asking for specific books on the subject I retry much buy all my own kit, accessories, etc. Also to “shield” the cost. If she knew for real how expensive this hobby is there is the fear (real or imagined) that activity could be curtailed.

  4. Gummee!

    I’ve been riding since the late 80s. I’ve gone thru a lot of gear over the years…

    I’ve learned that you need to be very specific as to what bike gear you want. These days, I’ll go as far as emailing urls.

    …but… I’ve also been in and out of shops for the last 20 years. If I want it and its A. EP-able and B. affordable, I already have it. Which leaves the stuff I don’t want to afford just yet (smart trainer, etc) left for ‘presents.’ The stuff I don’t have is also beyond the range that Crimmus gifts fall into means there’s always a problem answering ‘what do you want for Crimmus?’

    I’d like to say ‘come riding with me’ but none of my siblings ‘get it’ and my Mom isn’t athletic.

    Aaah well.

    First world problems


  5. john

    Yes, the bike under the tree at age 9. It was a Schwinn Scrambler with Tuff Wheel II mags. Somebody stole it when I was twenty, still riding it around Rutgers University.

    This Christmas I simply sought to avoid divorce having signed up to ride the Rapha 500 over the Holidays. Marriage intact. Thanks Santa.

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