The Return of the Explainer

The Return of the Explainer

(Not Lance Armstrong.)

Ever hear the one about the respected journalist in Wyoming who got laid off the same day he was diagnosed with cancer? The punchline is that instead of dying, he opened a law practice and became a beloved defender of the defenseless. He’s also a politician people don’t hate.

I mention this as way to say that Charles Pelkey has been tending to a thriving law practice, a loving wife, two amazing kids, and in three-week stints, shoehorning an extra workweek into an already busy week any time there’s a grand tour unfolding. Seriously, LUG is, on average, an extra 36 hours of work per week.

The upshot? Life is good, if busy, for Charles.

And did we mention that he’s now being played by Nathan Wiley in Stephen Frears’ biopic about Lance Armstrong? No? Well, he is. Ben Foster is uncanny as the Fallen One in the flick called “The Program.”

But we haven’t had the benefit of Charles’ educational, insightful and witty writing in some time.

The good news is he has expressed some interest in returning to the stage. And perhaps not unlike a rock star who’s been on the road a while, he could use a little inspiration, a dollop of passion even. Specifically, he needs questions. After all, it’s the Explainer, not the Rambler.

So consider this your invitation. Ever had a question as regards bikes and the law? Now’s the time. We need questions, your questions, to get him started.


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  1. GT

    How can we get better enforcement of the 3’/1m rule?

    Video camera footage from cyclists is being ignored.

    Police aren’t interested in viewing footage, or aren’t allowed to open files off a USB stick on department computers for fear of “viruses” and they don’t want to prosecute the drivers.

  2. Alan

    How do we start a true nation-wide public service campaign for bicycle traffic safety and acceptance? Something akin to the push Mothers Against Drunk Driving and others started 30-some years ago to drive home the fact that drunk driving isn’t cool, funny, or unavoidable–it’s unacceptable. It maims and kills and ruins lives.

    We have disjointed advocacy programs at the State level but what will it take to break through to the masses at the National level?

  3. Walt S

    What I would be interested in knowing, is how does Charles maintain his core principles and beliefs while being a politician, in spite of significant pressure to do otherwise? So many politicians forget their roots and their ideals.

  4. Author

    I’m not sure Charles is eager to answer questions about his personal life, but thanks for your questions and keep ’em coming.

  5. Miles Archer

    In Shanghai 20 years ago, you’d see thousands (millions?) of people commuting to work on bicycles. Now, there’s virtually none. In San Francisco 20 years ago, you’d never see anyone commuting by bike. Now there are some (maybe thousands). Do you think we’ll see a resurgence in cycling in China at some point? How’d we go from everyone cycling to no one in less than a generation? Do you think the opposite is possible or even desirable?

  6. thirdwigg

    How are persons and property involved in car/bicycle crashes made whole in states with no fault auto insurance? How are injuries and damages covered for the the affected cyclist?

  7. Quentin

    There are plenty of questions out there about interacting with drivers, but what about negligent dog owners? A year ago while riding with my wife a dog ran into the road and took out her front wheel. She wasn’t seriously hurt, but suppose she had been? What is the best course of action in that situation? What sort of “deterrents” am I within my rights to use on dogs that come into the road?

  8. Mark

    How to we promote positive, respectful relationships between motorists and cyclists (both ways) and get away from the confrontational, blaming culture that currently exists? Is the current trend of recording and publishing video clips on public media showing dangerous and aggressive motorists just adding fuel to the fire?

  9. Ryan

    As the “co-survior” of breast cancer I would be interested in hearing how LUG handled a cancer diagnosis and getting laid off on the same day and how he moved forward. BTW thank you LUG for your grand tour coverage and keeping that foul tongued Irish lay about busy for a few hours aday for 3 weeks at a time I speak of course of the POG

  10. Pat O'Brien

    Do you think a strong professional rider’s union could successfully negotiate with team management, tour organizers like ASO, and the UCI?

  11. Tom in Albany

    What kind of deals get made on the race course? Are they legally binding? Imagine two riders running off and one saying to the other, “If you help get me there, I’ll let you win.” This, then followed by said rider then pwn’ing him at the line. Imagine rider #2 saying in a court of law, “we had a verbal agreement and he backed out!” Would you rather represent the winner or second place?

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