Passing the Helmet

Passing the Helmet

For the last few years, the day after Levi’s Gran Fondo, a few of us have been getting together for an easy recovery ride. I can’t speak for the others in attendance, but I have not typically been capable of more than a very gentle spin to coffee and back.

We’re going to do that again this year. Headlining our little group will be Yuri Hauswald of GU Energy and winner of this year’s Dirty Kanza. He’ll have some goodies from GU to make sure we don’t bonk on our short, flat roll to Sebastopol. There are likely to be a few special guests as well, but we can’t announce any names just yet.

Valley Fire

So while it’s always nice to meet fellow cyclists and enjoy a pleasant spin through the countryside, this one has a bit of an agenda. You’ve probably heard about the Valley Fire, which tore through Lake County as well as bits of Sonoma and Napa Counties. The losses have been unspeakable, to the point that even a newcomer like me knows people who lost homes. We’ll stop at Acre Coffee in Sebastopol and while there we are going to pass ’round a helmet (hopefully one that’s not very sweaty) for donations for the victims of the fire.

Those donations are going to be passed to Hardester’s Market in Middletown. Once Middletown reopened as firefighters gained control of the fire, Hardester’s extended credit to area residents who in many cases lost everything. They simply gave stuff to customers and wrote down what they owed. Credit, old-school style, without the 19.4% interest rate.

Our plan is to give Hardester’s Market the cash to help offset what those residents owe. I’ve spoken with owner Ross Hardester (grandson of the founder) and despite his modesty (he suggested half a dozen other equally deserving options), he agreed that any cash we collected would be helpful.

So if you’re in Santa Rosa for the fondo, we hope you’ll join us. You’ll be back early enough to check out of your hotel on time.

Date: Sunday, October 4
Time: 8:00 am
Location: Flying Goat Coffee, Railroad Square, Santa Rosa


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  1. Jman's Dad

    Excellent. I’m a FF that lived in & worked the Oakland Hills Firestorm of ’91. I get it. It’s way cool of Hardester’s. It’s way cooler of you. I’m not able to ride this year, You & RKP continue to inspire in all things, cycling or not.

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