Interbike 2015, Part III

Interbike 2015, Part III

The last 48 hours has been a whirlwind unlike any I recall at previous Interbikes. I’ve had meetings from 7:30 in the morning until 11:00 at night for the last two days, the one exception being the opportunity to see the pro men race at Cross Vegas, which was such a schooling by the Belgians you’d think the American’s don’t know how to race, except for the fact that they were doing road speeds on grass. So, sorry for the lack of posts; I literally haven’t had the time two write, but our coverage resumes right about now.

Silca has unveiled a few new goodies including this set of Allen wrenches, the H1, with some additional bits, such as Torx; it goes for $125. As I passed their booth yesterday one of the wrenches was being used to free a pedal on an ebike that had been overtightened. The tools are hardened and the way they are made makes them much less likely to round out soft bolts. We look forward to giving this a more thorough inspection following the show.

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The new Silca Impero Ultimate frame pump takes our love of a great frame pump and combines it with Silca precision and renews that style mark of having the pump painted to match the frame; it goes for $165 and every single part is replaceable, natch.


This new $169 duffle from Showers Pass is designed to maintain its shape so that you can find and sort items in it with a minimum of fuss, rather than collapse on itself as you remove gear. Dividers allow you to keep clean items separated from dirty ones and this roll-out mat will give you a better spot to change pre and post event.


Showers Pass has also introduced a number of lifestyle pieces (some of which are being carried in Nordstrom), such as this jacket called the Amsterdam ($199). Showers Pass is also doing some incredible rain wear for kids.


De Marchi continues to wow me with their incredible apparel. Many of their pieces use extremely advanced materials. While this looks like a normal short-sleeve jersey, it features Windstopper, backed with a light material to keep the membrane off your chest. It comes with arm warmers and goes for $189. Perfect fall/spring piece.


The Elite Polo uses the same 14-needle construction as De Marchi’s very best wool jerseys, only this is woven from an exceedingly light thread called ice cotton. This is for anyone who has the style to wear an old wool jersey as a casual piece. De Marchi’s wool pieces aren’t cheap and by using cotton, this brings the price down to $149.


Of course, De Marchi’s best pieces are its vintage wool jerseys. This Faema jersey will be a limited run and uses the exact red yarn that was used back when Eddy Merckx was riding for the team. The family that owns the mill where De Marchi purchased the original back in the 1960s still had some in their warehouse. Go figure.


Clement showed a new tire that is so new it doesn’t even have a hot patch yet. The LCV is a high-performance road tire that will come in 23, 25 and 28mm widths. It’s a 240 tpi tire and will go for $80. Also big news is that the popular MSO will be released in a 36mm width—but that’s not the big news, this is: it will be tubeless ready. I’m told it will weigh 425 grams and run $75. We’re looking forward to reviewing both of those in the next year.

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  1. Waldo

    Fabrics aside, grey-black is the worst color combination I can think of for a spring/fall jersey. Grey skies, limited daylight, wet roads make cyclists less visible than in other seasons and on dry roads. What’s DeMarchi (and you, Padraig, in calling it a “perfect fall/spring piece”) thinking?

    1. Author

      Bear in mind that this piece does have some reflective material in back, so visibility has been addressed, unlike with anything made by Search and State (okay, I think they now offer two pieces that aren’t black). The weight and the fact that the front is windstop in the front is what makes it a piece for spring/fall; that and the fact that the arm warmers were included. Could it be a bit brighter? Sure.

    2. Spider

      Padraig is covering numerous parts about the garment, the new construction technology and the packaging – I wouldn’t want him to keep us ill-informed or ignorant just because the cool wasn’t considered ‘right’.

      Thanks Padraig, these spring/autumn pieces, like the Castelli Gabba etc, are very interesting. Thanks for the report

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