Happy Holidays From RKP

Happy Holidays From RKP

From all of us here at RKP, no matter how you celebrate this time of year, we’re confident that a ride is likely to be a good part of it, and we wish you the happiest of holidays. Whether your family is blood or chosen, enjoy yourself, get some rides in (if the weather permits) and celebrate the coming year.

I’m going to take the next week off. There will be some new posts, though, culminating in our annual and increasingly irreverent RKP Awards.


Image: Dennis Wong, Flickr Creative Commons


  1. Harris

    Merry Christmas, Padraig! Reading this in a l&d suite, looking forward to getting home tomorrow to ride around with my other little ones. Have a good vacation;it is deserved.

  2. Jeff Holcomb

    Happy holidays to all at rkp & a happy & healthy new year to all. Thanks for all the great articles throughout the year!

  3. Pat O'Brien

    Merry Christmas, happy new year, and great holidays to all at RKP. Enjoy your time off!
    I need to find some N gauge bicycles from my Christmas train set.

  4. Stephen Barner

    Oh, yeah. Been off the bike for a week but took advantage of the balmy break in the weather (40 degrees, woo hoo!) and just got back from a grest ride–112 miles, two mountain passes (we call them gaps and notches up here in Vermont) and legs cramped up tighter than a python on a deer. Sweet. Even got a picture looking down at the skiers swooshing along.

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