Friday Group Ride #244

Friday Group Ride #244

My kids are 7 and 9 and in a weird place with Santa Claus. The older one is wise to the scam, and maybe like his father, too cynical to indulge in too much fantasy about a fat guy in a red suit performing millions of B&Es in a one-night reverse crime fest. Simultaneously, he’s smart enough not to ruin a good thing when he’s onto it, so his smile is knowing when he says, “Oh, no. I totally believe in Santa.”

The younger one is still, I think, a true believer, which is a magic all its own.

Each of them wrote a long list for Santa. A puppy made it onto the 9-year-old’s. They have each besought the obese angel of consumerism for well nigh $1000 in electronics, which is a lot, given the mind-bending cheapness of most such devices these days. And then there are sports things, jerseys, a hockey goal. No pro cycling kit, oddly.

You read our lists here, here, here and here. They are probably as audacious in their way as my kids’ are, albeit without puppies.

This week’s Group Ride asks, what’s on YOUR cycling Christmas list? Do you expect to find it under the tree or try to find it, on sale, after the holiday? Will you ride on Christmas day? Or will family commitments keep you house-bound?


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  1. Stephen Barner

    45NRTH Xerxes studded tires with the 120tpi casing and Kevlar bead. 105 smackers, each. I won’t get them, though, as they’ve been sold out at all the local shops for weeks now. I’m stuck pushing around over 2kg of tires and tubes. Ouch.

  2. Andrew

    Well, so far things aren’t working out entirely as planned. I had hoped that everyone would give me gift certificates at one particular LBS, which I could use towards purchasing a fat bike. But, my father got me one from Comp Cyclist, which I just ended up using on tubes, since I really don’t need any more jerseys or anything (and you can always use tubes). I know my daughter got me one for a different LBS, and I’m not sure what to do with that one (maybe they stock the new 45NTH winter gloves?). I kind of doubt my mother in law will get me one for the right LBS, so at this point my scheme is going nowhere. Plus we have basically no snow, I’m quite content riding my gravel bike with studded tires on the gravel roads, and I really don’t need a fat bike. So maybe the only real biking present I’ll get is a couple of hours to go pound myself against the cold and wind…

  3. Chris

    I’m with Charlie. I just want my health. A pinched nerve has had me sidelined since before Thanksgiving with weakness & pain in my left arm & shoulder. Even if I could eat enough ibuprofen to kill the pain, I still wouldn’t last long before it collapsed under me.

    So my Christmas list is short and sweet. I just want to get back to my modest weekly riding routine. All you healthy guys & girls out there remember to savor a moment or two on your next ride.

  4. Laura

    Charlie, maybe the fat man’s bag has some cartilage for you and hip replacements for me. I’ve been pretty good this year so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. LangleyInTierrasanta

    I am crusty and old enough to be happy with the bikes I have. I will ride them into the ground and have no real desire for any upgrades. Just more time to ride. As far as riding on Christmas
    day, it’s a must. My kids were raised to believe that a bike doesn’t work properly if the rider doesn’t have a helmet, and that a turkey or a roast won’t cook properly unless the person who put it in the oven goes for a 2 hour ride while the meat is in the oven. So we’ll have our roast beast as the Whos had with the Grinch, and I will have two hours on the trails near the house.

  6. Mike C

    All I have on my Christmas list is a ride with my Son. Which should happen. He is coming home for Christmas from Maine. I have both bikes all tuned and ready to go. Hopefully there wont be a lot of snow. Thanks Santa.

    1. Pat O'Brien

      I’ve been lucky so far, with 65 trips around the sun, that I still have all of my original equipment in good working order. So keep riding Robot, and maybe you will get lucky too. Who knows where I would be if I had sat on the couch instead of the saddle.

  7. Peter Leach

    Sadly, I’m joining the ‘banged up lot’ list – I’d settle for a quick recovery from a now one month old break of my right femur. No riding for me for approx. 6 to 8 more weeks, depending on how rehab goes in tne new year.
    Once things are back to normal, my real Christmas wish is for more time to ride, especially time to encourage and support my wife in learning to ride.
    Oh, and another wonderful year for the RKP crew.

  8. michael

    Nothing bike-related on the list. I learned long ago that I know what I want better than anyone else (other than my little brother, who knows more than I do about anything technical). I have been in Italy the past 10 days and my bike is back in Ireland, so no riding lately (but some great runs!). My wife and daughter arrive tomorrow and we’ll spend Christmas and New Years here. So, what I want is a good bottle of barolo!

  9. Hoshie99

    Cycling wardrobe was a little, ahem , worn so Hanukkah Harry is bringing some shiny new euro bibs my way. And speaking of my tuckus, a new saddle is also on the list.

    So, it’s basically replacement gear holiday which is sometimes just the thing to keep me out on the road nicely .

    I am fortunate to have a good family, decent roads and just enough slack in my work schedule over the holidays to sneak some longer rides in.

  10. Kurti_sc

    Well there is so much to wish for at Christmas and the good stuff- the things we should be giving and receiving aren’t found in stores. Mass this morning reminded me of that for an hour just to make sure I didn’t forget.
    I haven’t but to get to your question frankly, I am hoping for some new coffee machine. A new way to dispense the elixir of joy. But I seriously doubt to find one of those under our tree. That indeed would be a Christmas miracle. There’s a machine by Francis Francis that I tried on vacation. And I am interested in the manual press by ROK. But I do think my wife catches my hints.
    We have solid rain predicted for the entire week. I hope to squeeze a ride in between the harder bits but I can say what day that will be.
    Fortunately one of my good friends is on his way over now. We’ll get in 52mi before nightfall. What a gift that is. Thanks y’all. Merry Christmas from South Carolina.

  11. JT

    “Wise to the scam”?… So sad that you would have this attitude. Christmas and the holiday season generally is about giving and enjoying time with the family. You should read the famous editorial entitled, “Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”

  12. Steevo

    A set of really warm winter lobster mitts and a Wahoo Tickr X. I sent Santa a link, so I am pretty sure I will get both. Fatbikes do look like fun every time I pass one but then I wonder, would I be that slow on one too?

    May well go for a ride in the snow on my winter bike. I’m rocking the Swalbe Marathon winter 700x50c which keep me upright on anything I care to ride on at this time of year just fine.

  13. Josh

    I am delightfully free of injury, but shackled by responsibility. I am asking Santa for more time to ride, or to just stop the morning showers that are too convenient an excuse not to commute on two wheels.
    But if he is really really nice, what I would like is a Titanium Seven with race geometry, a Campagnolo Super Record Group set with Hydro discs, and Enve wheels and bars to complete the package. I will keep my pedals so as not to be too greedy.
    Come on Santa!

  14. Michael

    Kurti_sc: I bought myself a ROK coffee press, and made it palatable to my wife by learning how to use it when she was not there and then making her a cup just before showing her the press. There IS a learning curve, but you can work that to your advantage too, as the coffees made during learning are not so bad!

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