Padraig Interviewed by the Outspoken Cyclist

Padraig Interviewed by the Outspoken Cyclist

Self-promotion is an exercise to which, perhaps, extroverts are better suited than I. What I know for sure is that doing the writing is far easier than attempting to recommend the result. For that reason I am indebted to those who express interest in my work, those who endorse it.

In her years of doing the Outspoken Cyclist, Diane Lees has proven to be a gifted interviewer, a Terry Gross for the two-wheel set. I always enjoy talking with her, whether it’s in person or by phone. Being interviewed by her is less an opportunity to promote myself than an opportunity to chat with a friend and colleague.

However, this is an occasion where I believe she’s done me a serious favor. Our interview concerns my book “Why We Ride,” and the effort that went into the pieces that comprise it. She even invited me to read one of the pieces from the book. The personal nature of so much of this book makes it even more difficult for me to promote, so I’m grateful to Diane for drawing me out.

You can listen to the Outspoken Cyclist here.


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  1. Zach M

    Diane is a gem in the bicycling industry! I have been a dedicated listener to The Outspoken Cyclist since it first began and thanks to podcasts, I haven’t missed an episode. I have learned more about cycling and cycling history by listening to her show than I could have in a 100 books. Her guest line-up is continually stellar (including you Padraig!), and she truly is a gifted interviewer. If you haven’t listened to the show, please do – you won’t be disappointed.

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