Meet Us in Deerfield (D2R2)

Meet Us in Deerfield (D2R2)

Padraig and I will both be in Western Mass/Southern VT tomorrow for the Deerfield Dirt Road Randonee, better known as D2R2. Padraig will be riding a custom Seven all-terrain, travel bike, the Airheart, putting it through all the paces New England has to throw at it. I will, due to my gimp-handedness, just be along for support, heckling and tent food.

Any of you who will be there, we would love to meet you, shake your hand, and get a picture.

This D2R2 represents something of a dual milestone in my relationship with Padraig. When we met initially and first began discussing my contributing to RKP, neither of us envisaged a long partnership and friendship. I was working outside the bike industry then, and had only recently begun writing about bikes and riding. Fast forward nearly five years, and I count Padraig as one of my closest friends.

Now I work at Seven Cycles, here in Massachusetts, and through our friendship, as well as his long relationship with the folks here at Seven, a relationship that long predates my appearance on the scene, we have been able to build an RKP bike together. That the tentative contribution I made to the site those years ago would culminate in this, a bike that will become a model unto itself, a friendship that would see Padraig staying at my house over a period of time while we worked on the design of the bike, long RKP strategy sessions and rambling conversations about writing at my kitchen counter, even a first tilt at D2R2 for him, this is the magic life serves up.

Red Kite Prayer exists to celebrate bike riding. Our mission is to inspire people to throw a leg over, to ride and to love it. Along the way, we’ve found a lot of inspiration ourselves, inspiration that comes from our readers and from people throughout the industry who want to work with us on all manner of awesome projects. Sitting at my kitchen counter this week, I think we both began to feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the work and opportunity in front of us, simultaneously basking in gratitude for what we’ve been able to accomplish so far.

Unfortunately, not everyone who reads RKP will be at D2R2 this weekend, but we are both looking forward to sharing this moment with as many of you as possible. If you see us, please say hello.

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  1. Andrew

    Next year I am riding D2R2. I’m going to skip my usual late August event (Dairyland Dare), make sure my vacation plans don’t get in the way, and get my sorry self out to Deerfield. Having gone to school in Amherst, I’m super looking forward to doing this, and then hitting Bub’s BBQ afterwards (please- tell me it is still there). I just have to figure how to get my bike there from MN.

    1. Jeremy

      Sounds like you’ve got a year to get yourself and RKP Edition Seven travel bike for the trip.

  2. Peter Kelley

    I’m camped in the cornfield near the big tent. Taking my first crack at 180k tomorrow. I’ll say hello if I see either of you gents!

  3. Gary

    I love RKP and the perspective its writers bring to the cycling endeavor. That said, I don’t think you meant to use the word, “enormity.”

  4. P Poppenjay

    Padraig and Robot-So good to learn this about your history together and how it has flourished for both of you.
    I like your basking in gratitude: you both deserve it. Hail to the bike and the two of you and what has been accomplished by your teamwork over time. Enormity-yes!

  5. Rod

    Frag. There’s a large retinue of locals going, but not on my cards this year. It would have been great to meet you.

    Have a great ride!

  6. Bikelink

    Never thought I’d expand my vocabulary by reading a cycling blog…but I just did the google thing and think Gary is right. D2R2 isn’t in the cards for me but hope one day our paths will cross.

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