The Rob English Fund

The Rob English Fund

Eugene, Oregon-based builder Rob English of English Cycles is known for being as fast as he is talented. He’s among the very fastest riders in the Willamette Valley and he took home the top prize for Best in Show at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in 2013. His bikes are marked by an innovative approach to his craft, a regard for the value of a light bike and a classic ride quality that doesn’t sacrifice comfort in the name of performance.

As one of the fast guys in Eugene, he can typically be found near the front of any race in the area. He was doing just that at last weekend’s Tour of the Aufderheide outside of Eugene on a fast descent when his bike left the road and he crashed into a tree.

Rob English

I’m not going to detail his injuries here. He’s been in intensive care due to the number of broken bones and internal injuries he suffered. This is bad. It’s going to be a while before he wields a torch again.

The folks at the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association and the organizer of the Tour of the Aufderheide, dark:30 sports, united to try to help him through what will be a tough recuperation. They’ve set up a GiveForward account in his name. All proceeds will go to him.

It’s nice to see a community come together and rally around one of their own; it’s even rarer to see an event organizer go to bat for someone injured in their event. I am still humbled by the way the RKP readership contributed to my beer fund. I consider this post as a way to help pay that debt forward.

Rob could use our help. To contribute, go here.


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