Five Years

Five Years

When I launched Red Kite Prayer the plan, honestly, was to create an outlet for work that magazines weren’t interested in, and another source of income that I might enjoy a bit more control over. Five years later, RKP is thriving, but I can’t really say that it, or I, stuck with the plan.

Such are plans.

Of the many deviations are the number of contributors who have found a home here. From Robot to Irene Bond, from John Wilcockson to Charles Pelkey, I’ve been amazed by the quality of work I’ve had the honor to publish. Somewhere along the line, people began to recognize the diversity of work we publish and stopped calling us a blog and started calling us a site. That’s quite a compliment in my book. The professionalism that our advertising director Wayne Thompson brought to the operation has given me the peace of mind to know that solid deals are in place with our advertisers without me needing okay each contract, and that gives us the ethical separation of church and state that many smaller publications lack, and the  freedom to print what we need without worry about interference.

Editorially, we’ve printed some deeply personal work, by me and others, and we’ve also posted about cycling with children as well as—gasp—mountain bikes. I didn’t see that coming. The beauty here is that when we’ve waded into new territory we’ve been rewarded with a positive response. Nothing illustrates this better than the Enter the Deuce series. The response that work received goes down as one of the highlights of my professional career.

Which brings me to the real point of this post. None of this would have happened, would have been possible, without the respect, indulgence and time you’ve given each of us who publish here.

Thank you for reading.


Image: Chris Tregillis

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  1. Douglas

    Congratulations! The 5 years sure have gone by fast. The Doug Report has linked to almost all of your truly great articles over that time (and BKW before that). Looking forward to another 5!

  2. Les.B.

    I do a lot of random web searching and I first plopped into RKP while doing a search on “Heartbreak Hundred” just to see others’ take on the ride. I came on your experience of the ride, and I have been addicted to RKP ever since. In the 2-3 years since I’ve witnessed the site growing in content and style, and recently a big makeover. I like the reviews and the songs of passion for cycling.

    I do miss the email notifications of postings that went away with the big makeover, and the search function. But everything else just seems to get better.

    I am of an age that the first 50 years of my life were with no internet, and from my present perspective the decades prior to the internet seem like a dark ages.

  3. ian

    Diverce, interesting, always something new to grab the attention and make us think about why we just love cycling.

    5 years is a hard slog, bit no doubt the rewards you get out of it now are nothing like you would have expectedwehen you started on your “little” venture.

    Keep it up.

  4. Mike C

    as a kid growing up in what used to be rural Tampa Bay. The bike was my means of transportation and exploration. Walking somewhere was never an option, even when my friends decided to hoof it. Whether it was going to baseball practice with my brother, fishing or even trekking around with the bb gun. The bike was always part of it. As I entered my teens I discovered BMX and an outlet for all that energy and my parents leftover money. Young adulthood saw me joining the USAF and leaving the bike mostly behind. I owned a few over the years, but they gathered more dust than miles. After retirement, I returned to FL and took up saltwater fishing to help get me out of the house. Back problems and my doctor recommendation got me riding again. I bought a road bike because I’ve always loved the way they felt. It was tough at first. The mind remembered the fitness, but the body refused to cooperate. After a few weeks, things got better.
    Two years later, because of the bike I’m healthier, fitter and I feel better overall. I’ve met a ton of great people and seen some great places that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. Lastly, through the bike and my riding friends, I’ve met the most wonderful woman and I couldn’t be happier with the direction my life has gone.
    Thank you bicycle. Without you, I’d be fat, hurting from back pain and probably with some woman I don’t like. BTW, this one loves fishing too. .. :^)

    1. Anonymous

      And said woman is thankful, through cycling, to have met the man who has captured my heart forever.

  5. Gerb61

    To everyone at RKP I would just like to say congratulations and well done. Can’t say that I’ve been along with you for the whole time,
    actually stumbled on to your site quite by accident. Didn’t take long to get hooked though. Now I never log off of the web without stopping by here to see what’s new.

  6. Paolo

    Thank you RKP.
    I remember how a few years ago I discovered your site.
    I was following the wheel of a friend when I read on his back “the end is near”.
    It was a test kit he got from a friend and I thought it was some religious based team not knowing the term red kite. He had no idea of what it was. Good thing I looked it up. I have been enjoying it since.

    1. Author

      Everyone: Thanks so much for the kind words. Whether you found us through BKW, by some accident or through the grace of a kind referral, I and all our contributors are grateful. I really love that people found us through such a variety of circumstances. It means far more than had everyone found us through some ad campaign. This is way cooler.

  7. SusanJane

    My daily dose of the best of cycling. I can get the stats and race results anywhere. But only RPK has the love, insight, and passion. Super site, even better contributors. Stay true. Ride on.

  8. Tom in Albany

    Thanks for the content. I’ve rather enjoyed it. I haven’t been here from the beginning but have enjoyed what I’ve read.

    Can’t wait to read what you have to say for your 10th anniversary!

  9. PeterLeach

    Like those before me, it’s my turn to say: “Thank you, RKP!”
    I don’t remember when I first came to the site [I believe it was through a search that returned “Because I am a cyclist”], but since then I’ve established my own ‘red kite’ for my regular rides and felt better for many of the articles that I have read.
    Congratulations on 5 great years.
    Anticipation for the next 5 years to come.

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