New Socks!

New Socks!

Socks are like T-shirts in that the investment is minimal, they can allow you a bit of fun expression and you can never really have too many of them. So following a long hiatus on socks ’round these parts, we finally did a new sock with SockGuy. While we previously went the wool route, that decision resulted in charcoal or buff-colored socks, not a straightforward black or white. This run of socks rectifies that.

To keep these socks as affordable as possible, we’ll be going with First Class Postage, but if you need ’em faster, just drop us a note.

And for those of you with small feet, we do still have some of the DeFeet Wooleator socks. We’ve cut the price to $5/pair and that includes postage for domestic readers. That’s readers in the U.S., not readers who have been trained to use a cat box, which would be domesticated.

Our new socks are here. And the size small Wooleators are here.

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  1. Tom in Albany

    I don’t suppose you’re selling mixed pairs? You know, one black and one white? That seems fun to me…

    1. Andrew

      Live a little- buy one black pair, and one white pair. then you’ll have two fun pairs and 3 options!

  2. Souleur

    hmmm, chalk my take on the socks as vanilla
    socks are the details, and being snobbish about every detail, well, socks are no exception

    1. Andrew

      I thought of that. But I was trying to ease him in gently to the “two pairs’ option. You throw in another wrinkle, it gets overwhelming.

      ; -)

    2. Author

      How about a buy four pair get one free deal? Then you can mix and match to the point that laundry gets hard.

    1. Author

      Waldo: You might be right. Still, I wanted to keep the look simple and my concern was trying to turn people into bigger ads for RKP than they might wish to be. Low-key is more my approach. I had to get comfortable with the idea that no choice I make will be appreciated by everyone a long time ago.

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