Why We Ride

Why We Ride

Just over a year ago I launched a Kickstarter Project to produce a book plus a few other goodies. The project was intended to help us build up a down payment on our son, Matthew, who I initially dubbed the Deuce. Without recapping that odyssey, I can mention that we were terrified that the bills from his hospital stay would ruin us. As it turns out, our income is judged by the IRS to be so nominal that we qualified for a Kaiser Permanente program called Financial Medical Assistance. For months we went from hopeful to devastated and back. They accepted us, then rejected us. This went on like a high school romance, turning back and forth a half dozen times before the call came one day that we’d been accepted and—wait for it—our bill had been wiped out.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the profit left over (about 20 percent of the total pledged) until the thought to finally do a redesign on the site occurred to me. Plowing that money back into the readers seemed like a good way to thank you for your support at a time when I was truly terrified. I’m just now beginning to appreciate how the stress from that time lasted the better part of a year. There’s a bit of the money pledged left and that’s now becoming part of our nest egg for a down payment on a house should we ever make it out of LA.



The T-shirt, bookmark and broadside were produced quickly enough, but the book itself, despite being fully written, took a surprisingly long time to complete. The delays recede in the mirror. Finally, the paperback is ready; everyone who ordered it as part of their Kickstarter either has it or is about to. The printing for the letterpress edition hardcover is complete. As I write this, it’s being folded and collated and will head to the bindery next week.

So for those of you who didn’t have a chance to order the book as part of the Kickstarter, you can now order the paperback in the RKP store. The hardcover will show up there as well, once it’s complete. You can learn more about the book and order it here. There’s also a paperback and broadside combo, which can be found here. And yes, we make more if you purchase it through our store, rather than Amazon, not to mention that you might save some on shipping, too, by ordering through the RKP store.

As always, thanks for reading.

The back cover:


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  1. Sam Findley

    Hey, I got my copy in the mail! Woohoo! I also wanted to say that the essay on depression really hit home for me. And my teenager daughter. Thanks.

  2. Full Monte


    Got my book a week or so ago. Every day, I pick a new piece to read, and the memories come back of where I was when I first read some of those chapters that were once posts to this site, going back years. There’s a few I’d never read before, including Thanksgiving, which resonated deeply. I too, was once in a spot so dark, hopeless, the thing that pulled me through was my bike and my daily rides. Changed me body and soul.

    And as I’ve said before: Your opus which was once an entire issue of Peloton remains the best piece of writing ever penned for a cycling magazine.

    I’m glad finances and health have been restored to the Brady family — that weight off your shoulders frees you up to keep giving us great pieces (let’s call them Why We Ride, Part II, for which, consider my check already in the mail).

    1. Author

      Everyone: Thanks for the kind words. And Andrew: I’m a six who landed a nine. She gives good baby.

    1. Author

      Regarding the ebook: What I learned only very recently is that the ebook file that our POD printer makes available for sale (the one I was planning to distribute) is incompatible with Kindle, which is like saying you’ve got a car that runs on kerosene. I’m shopping people who can do the conversion and hope to have someone chosen this week. From there, hopefully, less than a week to go.

  3. Keith

    I ordered the letter press version as part of the Kickstarter project. You said in May that the book was printed and at the bindery.
    But here it is October and I have yet to receive it.
    Have you lost my address?

    1. Author

      Keith, I’ll check your email address against my database and start the process of finding your book.

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