[Re]Update: NICA’s Sports Matter Pledge Drive

[Re]Update: NICA’s Sports Matter Pledge Drive

[An update to our update: We’re pleased to say that NICA has hit their pledge goal of $75k, triggering the $75k matching contribution from Sports Matter. There’s still time to donate and help foster high school cycling. To all those of you who contributed, thank you.]

A few weeks ago I wrote a post concerning a pledge drive for the National Interscholastic Cycling Association. A charitable foundation started by Dick’s Sporting Goods had offered a matching grant of $75,000 if NICA could encourage supporters to pledge $75,000. If met, the $150,000 would be a pretty colossal windfall for the organization.

To see my original post with all the back story, click here.

I’m writing now with an update. As of press time (Monday, May 19), NICA supporters have pledged more than $71,000, a whopping 96 percent of the $75k goal. They have until this Friday, May 23, to reach their goal.

For all those of you who have pledged: Thank you. For those of you who have considered it but just been swamped by other stuff (life), I urge you, take 10 minutes and pledge a few bucks. This organization is going to produce more than just the sport’s next stars. They will produce people who will be assets to our communities.

Just click here.


Image: Dain Zaffke

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