Book Review: Eric’s Big Day

Book Review: Eric’s Big Day

I’m a cyclist, and because I’m a cyclist, I’m hoping that I can foster in my kids a similar love for the sport. I won’t ram it down their throats if they don’t love it, but I’m thinking I can give it a try. No harm, right?

So a bedtime story that features a boy on a bike is the thinking man’s answer to a no-brainer. Or some such.

VeloPress recently released “Eric’s Big Day,” wherein our hero, a young boy named—you guessed it—Eric, is riding to meet a friend and happens upon a number of people who need a hand.



The art is cute, simple and evocative. That the art conjures French villages is no accident. The text as originally written in French. There are a few passages that I tripped over the first couple of times I read it aloud at bedtime, but overall, the translation is terrific and easy for kids to follow.

What I like best about the book is that the bike isn’t the center of the story; it’s incidental to it. Eric’s good turns in response to others’ misfortunes are the real story, a demonstration of kindness when doing the right thing was a choice. For me, the combination of bicycles and values I believe in makes this book a big winner. There’s nothing better than when Mini-Shred asks for a bedtime story with bikes.


At $14.95, it makes a great gift for your family or someone else’s. I may find myself sending these out by the carton at Christmas. If your local bookseller isn’t carrying the book, you can find places to order it here.

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  1. @PasadenaCyclist

    If you haven’t already, check out “Duck on a Bike” for the Duece. Both my little guys love that book, but my 1 1/2 year old asks for encore readings every time we pick it up. Even our non-bikey friends enjoy it!

  2. Disappointed Reader

    I bought this book based on your review and am extremely disappointed. Among the dozens of books I read with my son this one was by far the worst written with a barely comprehensible plot. The prose was awful. I can’t recommend this book to anyone. The illustrations were ok.

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