First Look: Shimano XTR 9000 Mock-Ups

First Look: Shimano XTR 9000 Mock-Ups


Shimano has created mock-ups of each of the mechanical components in the next XTR 9000 group. These give nothing away in terms of weight, adjustability, serviceability or final performance, but they’re kinda fun to look at. SL-M9000-IL_STD_01 RD-M9000-GS_STD_01

For reasons I can’t quite figure out, this rear derailleur reminds me of the Transformers. I suppose it has something to do with the fact that my son is obsessed with them. Maybe Optimus Prime is masquerading as a derailleur. FD-M9025-H_STD_01

This front derailleur has a surprisingly simple look. FC-M9020-2_36-26_STD_02

This is the double crank, while below is the single-chainring variety. FC-M9000-1_34_STD_01

The brake caliper is surprisingly small. BR-M9020_STD_RT99_01 BL-M9020_R_STD_01

Likewise, the brake levers are almost comically small, yet they give up nothing in adjustability. BL-M9000_SL-M9000-IL_img01The smaller clamp size for the brake lever should increase positioning options based on your fit and riding style.


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    1. Misterha

      It turns on the clutch that stiffens the spring tension, which results in less chain slap and chain drop.

    2. jorgensen

      Thanks. Obviously I am not a Shimano guy.
      So, one has to decide if you will need the extra tension before or when dismounted.

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