Who Are You?

Who Are You?

The digital age has upended nearly everything we know about commerce. Storied publishers of everything from music to magazines and books are resorting to bake-sale tactics just to stay in business. The established career path for every job I ever fantasized about—from rock star to mercenary travel writer—has evaporated. That’s not a complaint, but an explanation for the starting point for this post. To create a site that delivers consistent, professional and creative content, we’ve had to court advertisers, and as our traffic has grown and our rates have increased, the curiosity about just who you are has grown.

Honestly, I’d love nothing more than to deliver reader stats based on what we’ve learned about you through the comments in the Friday Group Ride. It’s true that your demonstrated ability to play well with others has attracted the attention of the industry. They recognize that you’re smarter (and more civil) than your average bear. But the Friday Group Ride is dessert; those who consider spending some of their carefully allocated ad budget want (need) some meat and potatoes first.

To that end, we’ve put together our first reader survey. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to answer the question. You’ll find the survey here.

In doing this, you’ll be helping us to answer some important questions for our advertisers, and hopefully convincing them that advertising with us is in their best interest. So that’s why this is good for us. But there are reasons why taking a couple of minutes to do this are good for you. First, if you leave us your email address, we’ll enter you in a drawing for some Schwag which will include some RKP shirts, cycling apparel and even some Oakley shades with Transitions lenses. Best of all, if we land a couple of more advertisers, you’ll see that translate to the addition of a few new contributors and even more content here at RKP. We’re in this together, right?

It won’t take long. Promise. Just go here. 



  1. billbochnak

    Happy to help out & sincerly hope this helps RKP continue to grow; for your site to fold would be akin to saying goodby to that friend you can rely on. With the recent news of cyclismas having to wrap things up, i hope sharing is able to help in some small way & hope most people feel the same way even if they are anti survey/sharing people. All the best & thank you for your work.

  2. Andy

    Done. Glad to help out RKP any way I can! A quick follow up…Padraig: a few months ago you mentioned asking Yuri H to speak/write about on the bike nutrition, and sharing some of his pro knowledge Any chance that’s still a possibility?

    1. Author

      Everyone: Thanks for answering our survey. This will really be helpful to us.

      Andy: We’re after Yuri to contribute about that and more. It’s a bandwidth issue. Some day, I promise (hope).

  3. SusanJane

    It seems to me that all of us would be happy to answer a few more questions. All this gives you is real general information. Even broad categories people are planning on making purchases in might help you.

  4. Jeff G.

    Done. And +1 to what Susan said. I would assume most of us would be willing to provide more info. if it would help you further. Really enjoy your website, and a quick survey is the least I can do.

  5. Author

    I’d actually included even more questions initially but worried that the survey was getting too long (I’m asking a favor and a man needs to know the limit all favors have). We can always do another if you’re willing. I can work on rounding up even more schwag.

    1. Pat O'Brien

      I am willing. Especially if they were cycling related questions especially on past and future purchases, like and dislikes for cycling products, and type and amount of riding we do.

  6. SusanJane

    Bring on the next one! I actually don’t mind surveys for sites that I enjoy. A few minutes and the folks with the money are happier… and so are all of us.

  7. rides.in.banner-elk

    Absolute agreement with other commenting; that was silly short. Part of what draws people to this site is the heft of content, the thoughtfulness, the way in which topics are taken up and spun around only to be put back down with more appreciation and joy. Give your people some space to write and share and they will participate in the spirit of the community you have created and demonstrate to others that they should join in as well, with their sponsoring dollars of course.

  8. Hautacam

    Yeah, that was like the VERY least I could do for this site. I better up and buy some schwag.

    Happy to do what I can for this awesome resource.

    Also, the question about the # of bikes is challenging. As the late, great Sheldon Brown said, there are bikes, and there are parts, and then there is a big grey area in between . . . hence my dilemma in responding to that question.

  9. Les Borean

    The site is beautiful, really. Great job.
    I hope a search function will be included. Or at least a listing of products reviewed in these pages.

  10. SFinAus

    Add me to the list of those willing to provide more information – and I consider myself a very private person. Hopefully that says something about the good nature of RKP and it’s keepers.

    How about sharing the results with us readers too? I think many of us would find that interesting.

  11. khal spencer

    Done. Better late than never, I hope. I would second the comment above about including the occasional Foaming Rant, and see a few of my pen pals from O’Grady’s Pickle Barrel in the comments above.

    I see you want to know how many bikes. I suppose the followup question is “is your garage saturated with spare parts yet?”

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