Lance Fixes a Flat

Outside Magazine produced this video and they way it’s written, it’s damn funny. That’s not the question. The question is: too soon?



  1. Marshall Hannum

    Is there anyone else out there that just can’t bring themselves to watch this? It is right on my screen and I don’t have the strength, or desire, whatever you call it, to watch that guy try to be humorous. He is far beyond humor at this point. The strange thing is that I care at all.

    1. Author

      Hans: Agreed, it’s funny, but I kinda feel like someone told a joke at a funeral. It may have been funny as hell, but this isn’t really the right time. Let’s get the body in the ground and make it back home to the food and the booze before we crack any jokes.

  2. Pat O'Brien

    Well, at the end of his first Leadville 100, he had a flat and said he didn’t know how to fix it. At least he learned how to fix a flat, even though his technique could use a little work. Maybe his water is getting clearer. All people can change.

  3. SusanJane

    I saw this on Yahoo home page first. Funny? No. Weird, wooden, almost scripted. But fixing a flat is not really his drama. That stare though, that’s 100% pure Lance. The predator we’ve seen so many times, lurking behind eyes that still say “I win. You loose.” I had the same gut feeling of dread before I clicked the start arrow. Glad I did though. This throw-away vid is just what we need to remember… the mighty fall an awful loooong way before they become willing to do something like this.


    I know that this isn’t the point of the video or this post….but I saw Armystong fix a flat at a mountain bike race outside of Kerrville Texas in 1993. He obviously knew what he was doing and did it as fast as anyone could be expected to complete the task.

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