Coming Attractions

Coming Attractions

Well this is one post that’s as overdue as a 10-month pregnancy. Honestly, I thought this post was going to happen back in January. Ah, cruel fortune. The good news is that the day has finally come to let these particular cats out of the bag.

While I will be at NAHBS for the whole show, due to my duties as chief judge for the awards, I won’t be on the floor Friday. I’ll be locked away in another room with the other judges staring at bikes, in a way, no different from the rest of you at the show. But I will be on the floor both Saturday and Sunday. The RKP T-shirt will make me easy to pick out if you want to say hi. Certainly, I’d like to. Also, our friends at Gita Sporting Goods are helping to host a party at the Spoke Easy on Saturday, the 15th. I’ll be there and I hope you will be, too.

I’m also excited to announce that we have a date and a course for our little ride up in Paso Robles. It’ll be Saturday, April 19. That’s shortish notice, but holes in the calendar are few and honestly, as this will be our first year, it’s okay if the turnout isn’t huge. I’d really rather start small and grow the event with time. If you think you’re likely to come, do me a favor and comment on this post so I can get a very rough head count. We need some idea of whether we’re talking 50 people or 200 people as that will affect certain logistics as well as the cost of the ride. I’ll add an item to the store for registration after we move to the new site. The ride itself will include one route—72 miles—and will include a bunch of hard-pack dirt. We will be riding in the hills west of Paso Robles, past a sea of vineyards. It should be as fun as it will be gorgeous. 

Our big news is that on Friday you’ll begin seeing a new site design for RKP. I’ve been looking to overhaul our look for a while but finding the right design wasn’t easy. Fortunately, the developer I’m working with is a cycling friend, Kevin Philips of Ironfly Internet. This will be our last post on the existing site. Kevin needs a couple of days to do the final sync of the old material to the new design. Some time Friday you will start seeing the new design, which, I’m pleased to note, will be just in time for our first post from the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.


Image: Rick Chung

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  1. Dave

    Padraig, I’m interested in the Paso ride. Tell me more! What kind of tires, elevations, if I’m fit enough to ride (haha, probably not), etc. Thanks a bunch!

  2. SusanJane

    Re-design? Really? I love this one! It’s clear and easy to get around. Being a ruddy-duddy I like knowing where everything is located. But what the hell. Bring it on.

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    1. Author

      Everyone: Thanks for the good words for the new site. One of the really important features for me was to make sure that it was readable on mobile devices with a minimum (or no) resizing. We are still working on some tweaks; wait for some more features to come.

  4. Randolph

    I’m on an iPhone5. Overall very nice. No more expanding, contracting page size. That I like. Crisp, clear font, nice.

    One weirdness, when the rotating headline at top of page needs two lines, the whole page shifts down a bit, then shifts back up for a one line headline. Vertigo.

  5. owl

    +1 on the headline/page shift issue. I’m using an iPhone 4S. Pretty much renders your site unreadable. No more “Reader” option?

    1. owl

      Thanks for fixing. Much easier to read now. Strange that I get the “reader” option on my iPad mini but not on iPhone.

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