Winter Press Camp

Winter Press Camp

I’m in Rancho Palos Verdes on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, about 45 minutes south of where I live in Redondo Beach, Calif. I’m attending the first-ever Winter Press Camp, held at the Terranea Resort which sits on a cliff overlooking one of the most gorgeous stretches of California coastline there is. It’s prettier than Heidi Klum washed with unicorn tears.

I’m here to meet with 11 different manufacturers, from the gargantuan SRAM to a Lilliputian saddle manufacturer whose Kickstarter funded at more than 700 percent of their goal. It’s an interesting collection of products, to be sure.

I’ve attended one other Press Camp event, during the summer of 2012. I’m a big believer in not just the event, but its unique format. Unlike a typical trade show where you just wander around at your own pace, meetings are set up in advance and you spend 45 minutes in session with each manufacturer. It eliminates interruptions and allows for a more in-depth presentation of a company’s wares and all the manufacturers here are showing a limited number of products so they can really focus the visit to a targeted objective.


There’s a break after lunch in which we go for a ride one of of the bikes here. Because the PV Peninsula is my ‘hood, I’m leading both the road rides and doing my utmost to make sure and show these kids some views that are the visual equivalent of a taser. I’ll be back tomorrow with the first of my reports on the products I saw.


  1. Arjuna

    Having just done my first exploration of PV last week, all I can say is, the peninsula is a great place to ride and one I’ll be back to ride soon… maybe my first Donut Ride. Looking forward to the tech reports.

  2. Peter Lin

    I grew up in around torrance, redondo, and pv. There some great climbs around PV, especially on the ocean side. The views are pretty nice on a clear day you can see catalina island.

  3. jorgensen

    38 years ago We used to ride down to PV to ride a lap or two around the Peninsula, (the donut ride today). I liked the place. Fortunately I get to live there now. As a previous boss called it “the promised land”.

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