Meet Your Maker Tour

Meet Your Maker Tour


Let’s keep this one simple: Builders in Northern California have been holding a series of rides called the “Meet Your Maker Tour.” It’s a chance to meet and ride with some of NorCal’s finest builders.


There’s another edition coming up, this Sunday, November 10.


This will be a cyclocross ride in and around Mount Tam, some 37 miles worth.


Let’s consider this for a moment: frame builders, road bikes on unpaved surfaces, Mount Tam. It’s a win-win-win.


I’m going to be there. I don’t mention that as a selling point; I’ve got an ex-wife who can attest it’s not. I only mention as a testament to just how cool I think the event is.


But back to the selling points: the frame builders and manufacturers include: Black Cat, Blue Collar, Bruce Gordon, Caletti, Calfee, Falconer, Frances, Hunter, Paragon Machine Works, Pass and Stow, Paul Components, Rebolledo, Retrotec, Rex Cycles, Rock Lobster, Souldcraft, Sycip and White Industries.


I shot these images at the Gran La Fonda before Levi’s Gran Fondo. Meant to do a post about it … and got busy with other stuff.



To partake, all you have to do is show up to Railroad Square in Mill Valley, Granolia, at 10 am, on Sunday. To learn more, go here.

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  1. Alex

    By this: “Let’s consider this for a moment: frame builders, road bikes on unpaved surfaces, Mount Tam. It’s a win-win-win.”

    Did you actually mean Cross bikes? Don’t have a cross bike and would love to join if my 23c tires can handle it.

    1. Author

      Alex: Well, a ‘cross bike is essentially a road bike. From what little I know of the ride so far, though, I’d say you’d need at least 25s, but probably more like 28s.

  2. Alex

    Yeah… I was just thinking of how prone I would be to flats if I was on slick 23’s for a dirt ride. Probably better to sit this one out if I don’t want to be patching tubes trailside all day. Next one!

  3. John Kopp

    What a great idea for a ride. Of benefit to both builders and riders.

    I took my Trek on a Meet Your Maker Ride about 30 years ago when I went to meet my parents at my aunt’s in Beloit. I took the train to Portage and rode the rest of the way. My route took me through Waterloo past the Trek factory. So I stopped in and they gave me a tour. I was impressed and later ordered a custom 950 frame.

    Should be a great ride. Sorry to miss it.

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