2013 Interbike, Color


There’s a certain amount of activity at Interbike, a portion of the wares displayed at Interbike that are necessary to the general feel of the show but aren’t really critical to the actual commerce of the show, stuff that helps to make Interbike a cool place to visit even if you don’t particularly need the item at hand. After all, cycling trades on nothing so much as passion, that promise of a good time.




I swear to something or other that these orange sparkle Stingray-esque grips by Electra were absolutely one of my favorite things I saw at the show. When I was a kid, one of the first ways I inspected a bike was to check out the grips, and few grips were as cool as the ones on Schwinn Stingrays. I kinda want a bike expressly for the purpose of installing these grips. Say what you want about the cart and horse—a man has to have priorities.


This A. Homer Hilsen frame was used as a prop for SKS products, such as their fenders. It would be easy to be bummed that such a magnificent piece of artisanal frame building was slumming it with plastic fenders, but I’m really glad for it. Had the guys at SKS not had the good sense to do this, one of the prettiest bikes at the show would simply not have been at the show. I could have spent an hour staring at this bike, rather than the two minutes that I devoted to it.


I’m so glad that the head tube badge has not just made a comeback, it is in what can be rightfully termed as its golden age.



Dario Pegoretti always shows off a bunch of really gorgeous bikes, but this one takes the art of what he does and elevates it into a truly unique plane. This bike is a tribute to John Coltrane. That’s right, a bike pimping ‘Trane!





It’s one helluva a way to honor the man who has sometimes been called the defining voice of jazz.


So what do you put on the down tube of a bike celebrating Colrane? How about some fake book changes?



He finished off the treatment with a quote on the down tube that speaks to the real nature of craft. I’d forgotten this one.


I love the bike industry and the people therein. It’s always fascinating for me to take note of who is talking to whom. On the left Greg Bagni, a guy who has done more to define and occasionally turn around brands than any six agencies working in the bike biz. On the right, Joe Parkin, the man leading the vision at Paved magazine. Two guys who really get it. I felt a pang of envy not to be a part of that conversation.


Bike people are not without a sense of humor. I caught this in the Surly booth.



I wouldn’t have caught the “Rapha Free” sticker in the Surly booth had it not been for the stuffed raccoon with the cap, corn-cob pipe and mini of Wild Turkey, also in the Surly booth.


I’m not sure what led the folks at Canari to turn their booth into a family affair complete with kids in Bumbos, but it served as a nice reminder of the world outside and made me slow down for a moment to say hi to the little people. And on a day that was pretty delightful, I had a bit more of a smile as I walked away from their booth. I love the gear, but it’s the people who keep me coming back.


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  1. David

    Love that Pegoretti! And those aren’t just any fake book changes- that’s the chart for the first measures of Giant Steps. The 911 rally car is pretty cool, too.

  2. Ransom

    I credit Joe Parkin significantly for putting me back on a bike with enthusiasm. “A Dog in a Hat” changed my life.

  3. Tom in albany

    From above: “Two guys who really get it. I felt a pang of envy not to be a part of that conversation.”

    Padraig, I’m convinced you get it…

  4. Ian

    You have a great talent for putting stuff together Patrick – that post gave me a great lift at the end of a fairly average day.

  5. Lewis Moon

    Very nice. Loved (really want) the ‘Trane bike. Jazz is emblematic of what permeates cycling for me. The work that goes into being able to improvise in a group…at 40mph. Being able to let loose and let it flow. Mingus’ “Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting” comes to mind.

    The Rapah Free bumper sticker feeds my anti-streak perfectly.

  6. Mark

    You know whats funny, I loved this blog post but I just learned something……..after looking at the SKS Raceblades mounted on that lovely bike…………I realised, I think I have always ridden with my front fender on the rear and vice versa :-). I had to chuckle, who knew.

    Im going to be dryer from now on, thanks.

  7. tinytim

    Best interbike installment yet. If i was pegerotti, i would have adorned the top tube with “no junk no soul”. Also, you gotta love taxidermied animals holding bottles of booze. Rivendel produces some of the finest lug work out there. Good job covering stuff for the rest of us.

    1. Author

      Everyone: Thanks for all the kind words for this post. In so many ways, I considered this kind of a throwaway, but it’s these little moments that can help me forget I’m hungry or give me a bump to walk into my next meeting with not just a smile, but a grin.

      There’s plenty of other stuff that would have fit in this post but I simply didn’t give myself permission to slow down enough to take a few photos I’d have liked to. the Shinola booth was (to quote Swingers) “so money.”

      Truly, the show had plenty more stuff like this; it just takes time to find it all. And this is why I love these people so much.

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