2013 Interbike, Part 3


This year, the Interbike show has moved to a new venue. Even though it’s still all the same (most of the same) companies inside, everyone I spoke to admitted that they were getting lost in the show and often walking in the wrong direction. It’s definitely a first-world problem, but until I was lead through the door as the show closed this evening, I couldn’t have told you which way was north, even with a compass and a map.


There are a lot of clothing manufacturers that have significant history in the cycling industry. DeMarchi has been around since Italy’s reconstruction after the Second World War. While there have been some companies doing faux replicas of old jerseys, DeMarchi is the only company still in existence that was doing the high-end embroidered wool way back when. They’ve brought that quality of work back. They are featuring two lines that give people a chance to have that classic work. The Bottecchia jersey pictured above features the classic tube construction with set-in sleeves, hand embroidery and mother-of-pearl  buttons. And at $250, they are undercharging for it.


The jersey above is a cotton piece that blends the look of the collared jersey with an easy to care for cotton fabric. It’s a piece I think I’d be more likely to wear with jeans than on the bike.


The DeMarchi family owns Cytech, the makers of the elastic interface chamois. The bibs featured above and below incorporate a proprietary pad that uses four layers of foam sandwiched together, to offer a chamois that presents what I’m told is an unusual degree of comfort for days that may go longer than six horus.


The bibs come in several colors and all of them feature a very breathable mesh to keep them dry on long days.


Gore apparel continues to surprise and impress me because of how well-thought-out so many of their products are. This jersey began its life as a kind of backpack. The white ‘V’ of fabric is cut from a material that features very little stretch. The idea was that those panels might function as straps to keep the jersey pockets from sagging down like a skirt if you loaded them up. While the jersey wasn’t a great fit for the mannequin, it was obvious that the design kept the overstuffed pockets from sagging to the floor.


Same jersey, different color way, from the front.


This short sleeve jersey from Gore features Windstopper for spring and fall conditions, or even winter conditions in more temperate places when combined with Gore’s Windstopper arm warmers.


The Lake CX237 had a really clean, classic look. It featured an upper cut from genuine leather and used a double BOA closure system. The amazing thing was that as I was admiring how handsome this shoe is, I was told it wasn’t the top of the line.


I’m fortunate not to need a winter shoe, but this Lake winter shoe looks like a rather instant life-improvment scheme.


Chrome was showing this Merino wool pullover. It had a high collar, a great half zipper and thumb loops to keep the sleeves down as you ride. It reminded me of cotton pullovers I have in that it was super soft and didn’t attract attention, but this could be a stunningly versatile top in a rider’s wardrobe.


Chrome is offering a new bag perfect for racers. The netting on the outside is ideal for separating dirty clothes from clean ones and for carrying your helmet.



Sugoi was showing a new shell for rainy conditions. They had a little demonstration set up to show the difference between most waterproof fabrics and the material used in this piece. They had a pump bulb attached to hose to allow you to try to push air through the membrane of their jacket and another popular waterproof material.



This shot shows air bumbles pushing right through the jacket, but when you weren’t pumping air through, impressively, the water volume wasn’t decreasing from water draining through the jacket. I’ll definitely be reviewing this.

Brevity isn’t our usual approach, but I just want to get you an introduction to some of the things we’ve seen that impressed us. This is, to some degree, simply a heads-up on many items I’m interested to review next year. By no means is this all I saw, but it’s all I have time to write about before heading back to the show.


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