Friday Group Ride #184


As a kid, I could never quite wrap my head around a visit to the toy store. On the one hand, everything I could ever want was there. On the other, I knew I couldn’t have it all, and so an ontological crisis ensued any time my parents asked me what ONE thing I’d like to take home with me.

Interbike is like that.

Even my jaded adult self has trouble quelling the rip tides of gear lust that drag me down every aisle of the show until I’m standing in front of some booth at the outer reaches of the convention center staring at glittery, fluttery grips for kids’ bikes. There, in that comical space, I can take a breath and do some not-wanting.

Last year, Padraig and I walked the floor together, shaking hands with friends old and new and trying not to let on how badly we wanted at least four of the things in their booths. I will confess now that the things that grabbed me last year were, in no particular order, Giro’s Empire shoes, Pegoretti‘s paint jobs, and the Chrome backpacks they were customizing on-site. This is the short list, the stuff I wanted to grab and make a break for the exit with.

My natural aversion to Las Vegas, or more specifically the Vegas strip, where America spills its banks so ostentatiously, does little to dampen my interest in the latest and greatest cycling finery. It is only fortunate that most of what’s on display is not for sale, and I am, by and large, able to drag my weary bones back out to the airport and doze quietly while some poor soul who didn’t get quite enough, deposits the last of his cash into a slot machine in the departure lounge.

This week’s Group Ride wonders what YOU are most interested in seeing from Interbike. What new products are on your horizon? What should we be looking for, bringing back pictures of, reviewing for the upcoming season? What toy would you pluck from the shelf, if you could only pick one?

Image: Interbike

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  1. local yokel

    Helmets. Not what are they doing to make them lighter, more aero, more or less ventde, but what are they doing to make them safer. The reason you wear a helmet in the first place. After two concussions I would really like to see helmets that do a better job of protecting the brain or what I have left.

  2. Patrick O'Brien

    I agree with local yokel and have been saying this for a few months on RKP comments. Bell has come up with a version of the POC Trabec. After examining one, I do not believe it is as safe. POC is coming out with a road helmet. So, I would like to see the major names take safety more seriously, test their helmets beyond what the current standards require, and give us riders some results to convince us to buy them.

    1. Padraig

      Patrick: Let me get this straight—you “examined” one of the new Bell helmets and determined it’s not safe and yet you don’t think the current testing of helmets is sufficient to convince you of their safety and you wish they would “take safety more seriously.”

      I’ll grant that head injuries are serious business and I’d like to see helmets offer even more protection, but it takes a drop or two of chutzpah to criticize testing while claiming you can judge a helmet’s safety on looks alone.

  3. cash

    Mountain bike shoes … Specifically, something like the Giro Terraduro. There has been a hole in the market for a shoe that is useful for real mountain biking … high end “racing” shoes are great until the very moment they aren’t, at which point they are nearly lethal. I want/need something that is tolerably walkable with a non-slick sole.

  4. Patrick O'Brien

    Padraig, you are right. But, I didn’t say it wasn’t safe; I said I thought it was not as safe as my POC Trabec. I compared the two helmets side by side when I met a friend with the new Bell on a ride. I admit that Bell is moving in the right direction and hope they continue. I am not a engineer or was I provided, which is part of my bitch, any testing data on those two helmets. They both meet CPSC standards. I do not work for or have any connection with POC other than being a owner of two POC Trabecs. I have never worked for any helmet company, or bike company that makes helmets. I based my opinion on the thickness of the EPS liner in probable impact areas, the shape and position of the vents, the overall coverage, and the exposed foam around the edges of the helmet. It is simply my opinion, nothing more. As we have discussed before, I have a burr under my saddle about the constant concern about weight, ventilation, and, frankly, style of helmets but not safety. Please tell me one brand of helmet that test beyond the CPSC standard, advertises advanced safety features with the testing data to back them up, and puts safety first. All I am asking is that you, if you share any of my concerns, to prod the companies on this when at Interbike.

  5. Patrick O'Brien

    Sorry Padraig. Just read my first post again. What I meant to say, but didn’t, that I didn’t think that the new Bell model was as safe as my POC Trabec. My writing has suffered since I retired. I need to edit more carefully. Anyway, have a ball at Interbike and thanks for your ear and your forum. It’s very special in this day and age.

    1. Padraig

      Patrick: Thanks for the clarification; I follow you now. Thanks for that.

      I really appreciate the input from everyone. RKP will have some additional contributors on the floor this year which should help us cover more as we haven’t been able to clone me yet.

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