The Return of the RKP Secret Weapon



Two years ago Panache did a run of thermal bibs for us. They looked like the bibs above. Just like. That’s a pair of them.

I figure it’s time to do a run once again. Because this is a pretty specialized piece of gear, I’m not planning to order any for stock. This will be strictly done on a pre-order basis. So the bibs will look just like our current bibs, as evidenced below.  They will feature the same ultra-comfortable Cytech pad found in our other bibs and like our current bibs, they will be industrial black, except for the white and red in our logo. It’ll be easy to keep clean and will match the rest of your jerseys.



The difference between our current bibs and the thermal ones is that the thermal bibs will look like the inside of these below.



And while we can’t guarantee these will make you look more handsome (or beautiful as the case may be), you’ll at least make people laugh with our nifty triple-entendre.



Shouldn’t the back panel always have something funny?

So here’s the deal. The thermal bibs will be $140 (the regular bibs go for $125). To cue up, just send us an email at: killerkit [at] redkiteprayer [dot] com. We’ll send you a Paypal invoice. This will be your only chance to pick up a set of these this year; they won’t be showing up in our store. I might ought to mention that we have lots of vests and arm warmers to go with them, for those of you who already have a jersey. Christmas is only five months away, right?

The best part is, once you’re riding in a set of these, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get a pair.

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    1. Author

      Christine: We’ve gotten a few requests for women’s-specific cycling kit, but unfortunately, it hasn’t been enough to reach the minimums we need to place an order, and it’s too much of a gamble for me to simply try stocking it. I wish the situation were different. At some point I anticipate we will have a large enough readership among women to justify it; I’m bummed we’re not there yet.

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