Live Updates: 2013 Tour de France – Stage 21: Versailles to Paris, 134km



  1. Tom in albany

    Thanks to Charles and Patrick for the great play-by-play and the patented NRRBBB.

    Thanks, too, to RKP for allowing LUG to have a home here on your site!

    How many followers does it take to get a sponsor???

  2. Author
    Charles Pelkey

    Thank you, Tom.
    I think we have enough followers, but what I need is someone to sell ads, something I have never done before and am disinclined not to take up now. In the meantime, readers have provided great support and for that I am most grateful.

    1. Padraig

      If I may, it’s not that there isn’t anyone to sell ads, we have that; it’s that we’ve yet to find a bike company interested in sponsoring Live Updates. Advertisers have not been so plentiful for those sites that aren’t generating the ginormous traffic of a site like Cyclingnews.

  3. Ross Gallor

    Ah..!! what a splendid end of worlds biggest cycling event. A well deserved thanks to Chris Froome for showing such a great performance to us. He is a real super hero, who makes my Tour DE France 2013 trip memorable. Also the closing ceremony makes my Paris visit totally worth, great show by Parisian people. Kudos to you.

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