The Return of the Son of the Killer Tees

Merckx Illo

With all due apologies to Frank Zappa, it seemed appropriate to note that what I’m about to announce isn’t exactly new news.


We blew through most of this year’s run of Roubaix shirts in fairly short order, so I did a second run and in an effort to respond to those who have requested non-black T-shirts, we did a run of the Roubaix shirts in gray. We looked at what could be done to try to do this shirt in white, but there was no way to work the graphic that didn’t make it look like a photo negative. So gray it is. This is but one of the terrific designs Joe Yule of StageOne Sports has done for us. Stay tuned for more of his work.


And this first day of the Giro marks the return of the Eddy ’72 T-shirt with the amazing illustration by Bill Cass. It’s back in black and Belgian blue. No apologies to AC/DC will be forthcoming. Or necessary. Just give it a second.


You can find the Eddy shirt here, the shirt and baseball combo pack here and the Star of Roubaix shirt here.


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  1. Maremma Mark

    Beautiful works of art. Padraig, sorry to bother you with mundane questions like fit but before shelling out the euros, can you tell me, do these T-shorts have a US fit or a Euro fit.

    Grazie mille,


    1. Author

      I’d have to say it’s a U.S. fit, though I must confess that I’m not really sure what a Euro fit in a T-shirt is. The T-shirts I have from Europe fit like my T-shirts I buy here. This is definitely less helpful than I’d like to be.

  2. RetroSlouch

    Padraig–I think I know what Mark is referring to, I had a Euro fit t-shirt once (Paris subway) and it was definitely a bit tiiiight, plus the neck hole was on the left side.

  3. gmknobl

    Do you know if the black fades much? I’m not asking if it won’t fade but if it fades quickly or unevenly. I’ll assume it is die fast for this price but won’t wash it with light clothes in any case.

    1. Author

      I’ve got at least two of each T-shirt in my wardrobe. I’ve had zero problem with fading. And if there had been any issues with the shirts not being colorfast, I can assure you, I’d talk to my supplier (I ride with him) and we’d switch shirts. Stick with darks and cold water and you’ll have no problems.

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