Thank You



This is likely to be one of the shortest posts of my entire writing career.

There’s not much to say other than thank you. Of course, this is an epic thank you. You’ve pledged not just enough to fund my Kickstarter project, but together you pledged enough for me to publish an expanded collection of my work.

It’s difficult to articulate the elation I felt on Monday when the project funded and I got the confirmation email from Amazong. Even though I was always confident we could achieve the goal, crossing that finish line provided a sense of accomplishment that was particularly sweet. This is the work I’m proudest of, the work I think most deserves to be collected in book form. Of the three books I’ve published, this is the one I hope will endure, staying in circulation long after I’m gone.

Like I said, there’s not much to say other than thank you. I thank you. My wife thanks you. Philip thanks you. And, of course, if the Deuce could speak, he’d thank you as well.

And if you had the misfortune to miss the Kickstarter campaign, don’t worry. I’ll soon have each of the items up on the RKP store.


  1. Jeremiah

    Congratulations! I am anxiously awaiting the book! And so happy to hear The Deuce’s condition has improved and continues to improve.

  2. Maremma Mark

    Really glad this has worked out and especially happy to have gotten on board early in the project. It’s turning into a happy ending, or rather a happy beginning. I always like it when that happens!

    I must admit that I struggle to understand the US health care system. Where I live (Italy) things work differently, thank goodness. Families don’t risk going bankrupt to cure their babies. Obviously there are countless other problems, yet there’s still a public health system that functions quite well. So far…but the vultures are circling…

    Forgive me for straying from the topic. It comes from the heart.

  3. Full Monte

    No Drop Zone is also a longterm keeper for any cyclist. Handy reference book and refresher course, and a must-have for those starting or returning to the sport of cycling. Happily, my copy is signed by the author.

  4. Phil V

    Sorry to see that I missed this Kickstarter campaign. I look forward then to buying Why We Ride from the RKP shop. Best of luck with the production of the book!

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