It’s Back: The Roubaix T-shirt

UPDATE: With all the excitement (if we want to call it that) in my life of late, I haven’t been tending to the store quite as I should have. A few orders were backed up a couple of weeks; I’m sorry about that. I also meant to put the Roubaix shirt back into circulation before now. Well, it’s finally up and I’ll be filling orders today and tomorrow. If you’re nearby, there is still a chance I’ll get these to you before the race—Padraig


Paris-Roubaix is among the purest of pursuits. The cobbles cause it to instantly resonate with you, or not. There really isn’t much middle ground on this race. Either you love it or wonder, “WTF?”

The 29 stretches of pavé are each rated on a five-point scale. Not a single section receives a 1-point score. It is as if the French are suggesting that the pavé, by their very nature, are more difficult than any ordinary road.

It’s a truth no one needed to confirm for us.

And really, in this race, the road is nothing more than a pavé-delivery device. The attacks don’t go on the asphalt, they all go over the stone. If the entire race could be run over pavé, we, the fans, would be that much happier.

This shirt is intended for the former, rather than the latter. I went to Joe Yule and his recently launch apparel company Stage One Sports. Joe is responsible for the RKP logo, the kit as well as this T-shirt. Stage One will offer an a la carte collection as well as custom work for team designs coming soon to a peloton near you.

I wear a lot of T-shirts. This is the first time I’ve ever had someone design a shirt pimping my love for something. And really, when it comes down to it, as much as we love the riders who contest Paris-Roubaix, what makes the day memorable isn’t so much the racer as it is the pavé.

The pavé is the real star of Roubaix.

The shirt is a high-quality 100% cotton all-black Anvil T-shirt that should render invisible any grease stains you might pick up while working on your bike.

Order yours here.

Questions? Drop us a note.

BTW: We’d gotten complaints about the cost of shipping from a few readers. After talking with the post office, I learned of another way to do priority that brought the cost down. This should be a bit more palatable. Also, if you plan to order several items, let us know and we can bundle them in shipping and refund a bit of the cost to you.

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  1. randomactsofcycling

    I only want one shirt, but sending that all the way to Sydney seems a waste. Do you have any of the RKP riding kit left?

  2. MattyVT

    Maybe next year’s could be a pronunciation guide so we can SOUND smarter when we talk about it with our non-interweb acquaintances.

    1. Author

      Thanks Redhed18. On my ever-growing to-do list is to shoot the kit on an actual body. That said, the colors are pretty accurate. I’d say the blue has a little less gray to it than in the art.

      Let’s just say April is proving to be busier than I’d like. The plan is to get the kit up on the store by the end of the month, though I’d like to do it much sooner than that.

  3. James

    Nice shirt! I ordered mine! Only problem was that going through google they charged sales tax to Oregon (no sales tax here!). Since they didn’t charge shipping we’ll call it even… I got some stickers too! Must be an official RKP groupie now!!!

    1. Author

      Hoon: We’re hooking up at Sea Otter, right?

      MarvinK: Very glad you dig it.

      James: I’m still running into a few bugs with this store. Working on that. I’ll throw in a few stickers for you.

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  5. hoon

    yah at sea otter hit me up on the twitter/space thing or stop by the booth. let’s def get beers. who i do need to kill to get you to cover our shizz?

  6. todd k

    My cat peed on this shirt and rendered it unwearable! The trials and tribulations of having a male cat that confuses laundry baskets with litter boxes! Or maybe he is not a fan of the design…

    Regardless, I liked it so much, that I ordered a replacement….

  7. Brad

    Ouch…the t-shirt doesn’t show up in the store when I follow the “order yours here” link. I passed on it last year, really don’t want to this.


    1. Author

      Brad: Not sure why you’re not seeing it. There may have been a problem with some browsers. Try refreshing your browser. I’m ready to ship….

  8. Paul

    This is one of the 2 coolest T shirts I own (the other being “I love pave” from the people behind Road to Roubaix – a film even my wife thinks is cool).
    It was well worth the postage to the UK.
    I earned it last year when I rode the full distance Roubaix sportive, having also done the full distance Flanders one earlier in the year. They smashed me to bits but I grinned all the way. Everyone should do them at least once – earn your T shirt!
    Guess where I am this Easter and which T shirt I shall be wearing to down my Chimay afterward.
    I shall take a pic of my RKP stickered bike atop a Flanders berg and send it in – keep up the great site Padraig.

  9. Emil

    Ordered mine using PayPal but it did not charge me for shipping….send me a note if this is in error and I will glady pay what’s due.

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