LBL Live Update Guy – Cancelled

Our friend and yours, Charles Pelkey, the Live Update Guy himself, will not be able to lend us his reportage or insight for this year’s Liege-Bastogne-Liege due to a health issue. Our very latest communication from him, by text, was “I am not dead yet,” which we take to mean both that he is not dead AND that his sense of humor remains largely intact.

We apologize to those of you who had planned their morning around Live Updates from the race.

Your Friends at RKP

Image: Pelkey Family archive



  1. Full Monte

    Live Update Guy – living up to his name, thank goodness. Dead Update Guy would suck, both for the Update Guy and for us readers. Be well Charles! This is turning into a great racing season and we need you well and rested!

    1. Padraig

      All: Had a phone call with Charles yesterday. He’s in good spirits, is back home and will not be departing for points unknown any time soon. Better yet, he’ll be back on RKP directly and will be LUGing the Giro shortly.

  2. Andy

    Well, since Charles is not dead yet, we can still go through his pockets & look for loose change.

    Glad to know the LUG will be carrying his load for the Giro! Looking forward to new lessons & NRRBBB!

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