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The ad carried the headline “Serious, Not Doomed.” The body of the ad continued the sentence with “players wanted for a new band.” I was hooked. David Windham, the singer/guitarist/songwriter who placed the ad went on to be a valued friend and source of inspiration until we lost track of each other before the Interwebs really warmed up. I’m hoping that this headline will result in the same sort of result as the call I made this winter for an advertising sales director. That one mention revealed a kindred spirit and got me to talking again with an old friend; and then there were all the terrific emails I traded with other passionate candidates. Man, if we were a bigger operation. That have all been great results. Wayne Thompson, the fellow I hired has been a terrific fit. The keyboardist this three-piece has needed all along.

I need a new web programmer. Someone who speaks fluent WordPress. We’ve got some deadlines bearing down on us and we need someone who can hit the ground running. And has stellar references, like Al Gore thinks you’re a genius and will go on record saying it. Or something. The band needs a first-rate sound guy and roadie, to put it another way.

And while we’re at it, there’s a respected New England bike company that needs someone in sales. The position is definitely in New England and requires someone who can do more than just talk bikes. But oh, what a gig!

Email for details: info [at] redkiteprayer.


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