Friday Group Ride #155

I need a favor. As I type, the leading edge of a winter storm that local meteorologists are calling “significant,” “historic,” “potentially dangerous,” “severe,” and the subtle but chastening “non-trivial,” is showering us with small, angry flakes. Predictions for final accumulations are being made in feet, rather than inches.

So I’m off the bike today.

Instead of converting glycogen to watts, I’ll be converting wood to smoke. Any exercise I get today and probably tomorrow will best be measured in shovel/inches, a unit that captures the density and weight of the snow rather poorly, but does give some representation of gross work done. The small, plug-in snow blower I went halfsies on with my neighbor a few months back must surely be cowering back in the corner of his garage, worrying about its worthiness to do battle with a blizzard.

But enough about me, and on to you.

You are riding today. It may be winter, but you are a hearty soul. Or, you live in a place where this storm is only an obscure news story. Perhaps it’s even summer where you are. Hello, Southern Hemisphere! You’re in the thick of it. You’re living the dream.

Today’s Group Ride just wants to hear about your ride. Is it warm? Is it dry? How far are you going? Who are you riding with? Are you fit? Are you psyched? Or are you just spinning out the minutes on the trainer, cursing the winter weather warnings and trying to build some base? Give me something to think about while I shovel and curse and then dry my feet by the fire.

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  1. Mo'Nilla

    Rainy and cold here in beautiful, sunny southern California. I’ll be taking a dedicated rain ride later today. Alone. My friends only ride in the rain when they get caught out in it. Me too, usually, but I’m frantically t
    rying to gain some fitness for the Belgian Waffle Ride April 7th.

  2. Don Byrd

    Yes ! I am riding tomorrow . I live 15 minutes from Pebble Beach on the left coast . It rained here this morning as you see from ATT&T ProAM on televsion . This is truly a beautiful place to ride year round. In fact , I wear knee warmers most of the year . The climate is very moderate here in Monterey . In fact, many regional type teams and clubs hold training camps and weekeneds here. We have so many good rides here and a bike path that takes you northward toward Sanata Cruz . There is some good climbs and probably one of the most perfect century loop called the Hillbilly loop . It takes from :Monterey to Salinas , down the Salinas Valley ,to Arro Seca to Carmel Valley road , and finishes off going through Carmel , Pebble Beach and back to Monterey . Nearly impossible to get lost and only about five traffic lights on the whole 110 mile route . The Sea Otter uses the loop as their Grand Fondo . Cahoon Summit on Carmel Valley is a good climb .

  3. Tom in albany

    Spin class this morning. Top up the snowblower tonight.

    Sleds all around after the driveway is cleaned out tomorrow. I think we’re ‘only’ getting a foot as compared to your mega-dump!

  4. Rod

    Solo snow bike ride to work on the bikepaths”. About -12 C (15 F or so), very windy and very snowy. About an hour at 10 kph in 10 cm of snow on top of a hardened snow base. It was glorious.

    I still feel a bit dirty for using this monster instead of my CX or studded-tire commuter, but it’s amazing how much it can handle. An example? 2 ft. tall snow bank – it flattens it out. It could probably ride upstairs with a better rider. I never owned a MTB before.

    Even better? Instead of having being nicknamed “the bitch” by my wife (or the “fast bitch” for the TT bike, or “dirty bitch for the CX bike), this is only “Gordita”. I think she’s warming up to the multi-bike ownership thing…

  5. nico

    X-country skiing, snow boarding, alpine skiing!!! Its winter, and its a great break from the bike if you find other things to be passionate about. I say thank you snow gods, for the nice white blanket we get to play in. Hallelujah!!

  6. Chay

    We in Chicago got the first, small taste of the storm heading your way, so while the weather is pretty mild today, the roads are in terrible shape. The plows couldn’t even scrape the frozen slush off most of the roads nearby. The girlfriend vetoed date night to catch up on work, so my ride is going to be as much of the trainer as I can stand whilst watching movies, hoping that the warmer temperatures tomorrow thaw the remaining road ice, affixing fenders to the winter bike in hopes that it will be put to use this weekend

  7. MikeG

    Winter in PHX means 65-70 and sunshine for my lunch ride! an incredible hour on the single speed. Of course its supposed to rain this weekend when I can actually ride more than an hour. But no blizzard, so we can’t complain…but we still do!

  8. Devin

    Here in Denver, it’s sunny and in the 50’s. Headed out in awhile after hanging out with my daughter while mom runs some errands. Thinking maybe about two hours this afternoon, keepin’ it easy. While it’s all good here today, we’re supposed to have snow tomorrow and Sunday, so just getting in the rides when I can. With a newborn, that equals not very much this winter!

  9. Gnome

    I am thinking like MikeG, so in Phoenix we will have the dampe are in the morning and I will warm up on the rollers with my parka. It will be like 64˚ USA. Then I will have the embrocation selection, then I will begin the pedaling. I will mash .1% harder for each stroking. The sun will then be shining in proximal positions and I will then ensure there is no variance in the tan lines. I will do this for both days for a victory of the weekende.

  10. Nick

    A nice wee ride in and out of Glasgow today to get to a meeting. No records were broken – I was in chinos and a shirt. (Even so, why can I never go slow enough not to sweat?)

    A beautiful day to be out: sunny, not a breath of wind, with last night’s snow dusting the mountains around Loch Lomond to the north. Being the west of Scotland, it’ll be blowing a gale and lashing with rain tomorrow. But that doesn’t matter. I was enjoying the moment.

  11. Lewis Moon

    It’ll be 60+ in Gold Canyon this afternoon. I did 30 miles with an average HR around 160 yesterday, so today is just an hour of spinning and working on the tan lines.

    Come summer I’ll dream of snow….

  12. Anthony

    Living in a place where winter is a six-month affair, you equip yourself to ride in it or take up cross country skiing. My ride tomorrow will be an all-day ramble on musher’s trails and across frozen lakes, following part of the Yukon Quest trail.

  13. Bongo

    Well the early signs of spring are showing here in Central Texas, trees beginning to bud, dandelions appearing here and there. Today I will be cleaning and lubing the bike so I will not get a ride in, but I did ride yesterday. It was about 80 degrees with a 20mph north wind, I did 33.5 solo miles.

    I will be riding tomorrow as well, although a “front” has come through and the forecast is for the high temperature to be around 67 with 20 – 30mph southerly winds. I will most likely get between 60 and 75 miles.

    Being a native New Yorker and having lived in Colorado, my advice is to go skiing!

  14. Cameron

    Last night we filled up the growler with a locally made Czech Pilsner, loaded the snow bikes in the back of the truck, drove to the trailhead, clicked on the lights, and rode packed out snow shoe trails. There is something about being able to ride a bike on top of snow. Your mind is telling you that at any moment you are going to end up on your face, but your legs just keep churning up those hills. The bike slides, then grips, then slides again going down the slick snow always on the edge of the “trail”. There is a fine line between the middle of the “trail” and 2″ right or left that which will put your front tire deep in the snow and your rear tire up in the air. Heart rates? High, low, very high, and then there is the ecstatic pace of your beats when you are flying down the hill on snow, yes snow.

  15. PeterLeach

    Just setting out on a Sutton – Shingle Hill – Bungendore loop (75kms).
    Currently 17C, light winds, sunny / partly cloudy. Expected max 36C.
    Thank you southern hemisphere.

  16. Andrew

    Partly sunny and 24F here in Rochester, MN. The gravel roads are really good right now- packed snow and ice. Bike (Salsa Warbird Ti) with studded tires is in car, light is charging in my office, and I’m out of here at 5 to go ride icy gravel in the dark for 2 hours. Totally looking forward to it!!

  17. Michael

    Just starting to snow here in Flagstaff. Only supposed to snow something like 6″ or so tonight and tomorrow morning. More snow due later in the weekend into Monday, but we are always grateful for any moisture. Snowpack is light this year, although we have had some great skiing. The ice melted enough to get outside of town on roads last week (the commuting in town has been fine). My wife and I are going to take our big-tire road bikes down to Winslow, where, at only about 5000′ elevation, they will get a lot less snow. This is our mid-winter sort-of-anniversary weekend celebration, so we’ll stay at a nice old restored Harvey hotel and ride Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, fitting the riding around a couple nice meals. Then we’ll come home and shovel.

  18. Casey

    mid-50s with occasional showers here in north San Diego county. Tomorrow’s ride will be 3+ hours on the trainer as my wife will be running a local 10K so I have pleasure of staying home with the kids.

    the toughest part is figuring out what I want to watch while on the trainer.

  19. Margaret Smiddy

    I’m also in North San Diego county and got my ride in yesterday and I’m glad I did. It’s in the 50’s and not raining at the moment but that could change any minute. There was hail this morning. Rain I don’t mind too much, hail would not be too much fun on a bike I think.

  20. Maremma Mark

    Here on the coast of Tuscany it’s really cold, well at least by Italian standards it is. Zero degrees Celsius with a bitter north wind tonight, maybe it will climb up to five degrees C tomorrow. So it’s good enough for me unless it’s lashing down rain. The old steel Moser is seeing a lot of ride time lately, more than it’s used to. As my official Eroica bike it’s well equipped for dirt roads and winter muck. Soon though spring will begin and rides will seem less like a duty and more like a joy.

  21. christopheru

    Yah know that storm you did not ride in? You were smart not to!! I did, and found that while I could move my studded commuter bike, it got tough when sunk hub deep in the snow. I could still pedal it, but did that hurt – resistance to forward motion is pretty significant when the bottom bracket is in the snow and your pedals are pushing powder. Several times I was off the bike and pushing / lifting it through drifts of snow or sections of pathway that were simply too deep to get any momentum on even using my mtn bike’s granny gears.

    The city that I live in does a very good job of plowing and clearing the MUPS, so where that was done, it was great. Some of the roads were plowed enough that I could take to them and use the (plowed out!!!) bike lanes with ease. But wow, was some of the ride this morning brutal.

    It is on days like this that I wish I had a fat bike…

    By tomorrow it should be easier to get around since the city will have caught up on its plowing.

  22. Cory Burns

    I will be on the trainer as well. Same storm as you but the upstate NY end of it, so as per usuall, it will dump! I plan on giving my amrs a seldom workout in after i finally get out of this office and get my entry way done and such (by shovel, it makes me feel like i am riding tempo), then onto the trainer for some harder intervals to rid the mind from the frustrations of the day. of course this is after i put my 1 year old (twins) away to bed at 7 (ish) and my soon to be 6 year old down an hour later. trying to keep the motivation to “train” after 8pm is like getting prepared to wait in line a the dmv…its always easier to say “screw it, i will just do it tomorrow”, but maybe tomorrow it will be something else. so tonight it is…taking advantage of my moments as they come by. Do the same!

  23. armybikerider

    High 40’s today at FT campbell KY – a little chilly this AM on my commute, but not too bad considering. Tommorrow and Sunday mid to high 50’s and sunny with rain Sunday PM. I should be able to get in twin solo 50 milers this weekend. Not focused on heart rates, or hill repeats or intervals….simply riding my bike because I love it.

  24. Brooks

    Here on the west side of the ROckies (Utah; what you thought the Rockies were only in Colorado?), the other (not as) significant winter storm is beginning to dump snow. Lunch run on a treadmill to be followed this evening with bike on trainer. I might as well swim laps for a complete bore-fest. Anyway, I like the Spinerval “On the Road” series so I can ride in Tucson, Tempe, Lake Placid, Baltimore, Louisville, and Madison and think of the warm, lovely, leafy-green scenery. This weekend, getting out on the skis.

  25. Wsquared

    It’s been balmy all week where I live in CO with temps ranging from about 45-60 degrees. When it’s this warm in the winter we typically get a fair amount of wind in the afternoons, but usually not too bad if you guess the direction right & plan your route accordingly. I got in about 30 miles north of Boulder over scenic rolling terrain today, which puts me at about 130 for the past week. Those are good summer numbers for me, but the unseasonably warm & dry weather over the past month here has boosted my winter mileage. That’s great because last summer was godaweful hot, with smoke from forest fires, to the point where I just just didn’t ride as much as usual in July-August. I’ll take 50 degrees over 102 anytime, and I can use the extra mileage to get rid of holiday flab.

  26. Anthony F

    Been doing 7 hour rides every Saturday and Sunday for the past two months. Around 100 miles each day in the San Gabriel Mountains. This weekend will be more of the same.

  27. Andrew

    In southern washington state…Mid 40s and unseasonably sunny with a 10-15 mph headwind on my post work loop. Rode 17 miles in 53 minutes and it felt great. First ride on my “summer bike” sine October. Otherwise it’s be the 22 pound disc brake cyclocross beast for full on PNW weather.

  28. brucew

    Upstate NY here. We get snow. Have done since long before snow became a prefix. Or a news item. It snowed today. Feh.

    I’ve been bike commuting for seven years now. The last commute I missed was in 2006–in July. No-one was surprised when I rode to work today. Long ago my co-workers saw my Nokian Hakkapeliitta W106 studded snow tire as a novelty. Now, they’re ho-hum.

    Initially I was concerned this afternoon when they sent us home 2½ hours early. But once out in traffic, that concern evaporated. There’s no need to be concerned by stationary cars. I boogied on by, past lines of cars the whole way home. I rode right by trucks and buses spinning madly trying to climb out of the dugway under the railroad mainline. And I never made it past the 39-19 gear.

    Hosed down the bike at home, as per my custom, and had a nice nap. When I got up to make dinner, outside my window motorists were still bumper-to-bumper and not going anywhere.

  29. Steven

    For me it was an hour on the rollers watching old Tour footage, then tomorrow a 5K. I’m just hoping the unusually clear weather holds in Seattle until Sunday when I hope to get out for a nice long ride.

  30. Hautacam

    40’s, dry (!!!!) and clear here in Seattle. First day that my legs have felt snappy since . . . well, since October at least. Nice commute to and from work, a little 5K run at lunch.


    Be safe in the storm, my east coast bruthas and sistas.

  31. Howard

    Hate it for ya ‘bot. I left the east for norcal three years ago, we do get a lot of rain most winters not so much this one. Out today for three hours, just making it up as I roll along. warm sun, but chill in the air. Maybe 55 degrees. Brisk tailwind on the….cant beleive it…way home.
    “wasted” an hour and a half standing in the sun in line for a glass of Pliney the Younger yesterday, at Russian River Brewery in Santa Rosa. A MUCH sought after limited release tripleIPA, could have been riding, but then, did take the bike to get there.

  32. Pat O'Brien

    Misery loves company. Down here in SE Arizona it is currently 40 degrees, light rain, and 40 mph wind gusts. So much for any riding today, at least for me. Now, do you feel better? Stay warm and well lubricated.

  33. scaredskinnydog

    Northwest Colorado(steamboat) signing in. Its been dumping, so probably gonna skin up and go for a backcountry loop. Last night was our winter carnival mt. bike dual slalom on snow, fun stuff. Hope everyone in the Northeast is hunkered down safe and sound. Be carefull if you go outside, roof slides,tree branches and falling icicles can be deadly. Be smart and stay safe.

  34. nrs5000

    Sunny and 40s-50s here in NorCal. We’ve had a lot of this weather lately which is great for riding, not so good for the water supply. First riding priority is a big (for him) ride with my 5 yr old son. One or if I am lucky two 2-3 hour cruises for myself too. All you back east, have fun in the snow.

  35. Erik

    Fantastic conditions for February in Chicago – got 67 solid base miles in. Everything’s melting with this afternoon’s high of 35F, tomorrow will be quite sloppy. A good time was had by all nonetheless!

  36. Noel

    Yesterday morning (Friday) was wet and in the mid 30s here in the middle of NC. By afternoon it was sunny and in the upper 50s, a great afternoon for riding, but I spent it at a bike shop getting bike fittings done for both myself and my wife on our new TT bikes. Today (Saturday) was beautiful and in the mid 50s again, I did a easy Zone 2 ride on the new TT bike out to Jordan Lake in Chatham County, NC. I would love to have ridden much longer but ran out of time. Tomorrow should be another pretty day in the mid to upper 50s and I’m racing mountain bikes in the afternoon.

    NC might not be as nice a place to ride as some, but it’s a lot better than many!

  37. Sam Findley

    Late to the party, but my ride in central PA started at 5:30 AM in the predawn darkness of my unheated garage. I meant to go for a half-hour, but was watching Giro stage 20 from 2012, forgot the time, and went until 6:40. Which meant I woke my daughter up late, which meant she was late for school, ooops.

  38. Charlie

    Today looks to be a rare dry day here – just north of Seattle on Whidbey Island. Sun is starting to peek through the fog this morning, supposed to get up to 48 degrees. Should be a great day for a ride. I’m just creeping back into some kind of shape after a few months of not much riding. Perfect day for the State park loop.

  39. Nelson

    Michigan winters are unpredictable so I stay inside from December till March. I’ve found an interval work out that keeps me out of breath and only takes 45 min. One of very few structured programs that makes me feel like I’m not loosing fitness. Am I Psyched??? not exactly, but I’ve never regretted the rollers, trainer, or spin bike when I hop off.

  40. Alex TC

    South America here, hello everyone… lol… care for a ride in the sun? Well… We’re not getting much of it this year either, but thankfully temps are more friendly and not too warm, with cloudy days and the occasional rain shower in the aftrenoon. For me it’s just good for riding lots without baking in the sun or risking skin cancer.

    Last friday we did a 2 hour ride and the weather was perfect, if a bit windy. Saturday we did a century but it was HOT and it took a toll, so yesterday I went for a short, 2 hour MTB ride on my own. As I arrived home and unclipped it started raining. Today was a non-working day (it’s our Carnaval here…) so I did the same.

    I’m returning from a month off the bike due to a broken femur, so I’m just happy to be on the bike.

  41. slappy

    all time mushroom rock night ride in Carbondale CO with sum frendly stomparillaz .. fat bike glory, woke up hungover and went to aspen to race the owl creek nordic race 21k of soft sloppy suffering for me

  42. Jesus from Cancun

    My Sunday ride was in chilly 20 degree weather. That’s 68 farenheith. Did one hour with my 10 year old on his MTB on a jungle trail a half mile from home, around 2 miles an hour average speed.

    We were wearing shorts, but when we were just out we decided to turn around and get our windbreakers before going on. We are not used to this cold. Serious. A couple weeks ago it was 17 C/63 F and windy. That’s about as cold as Cancun ever gets. Sweatshirts mandatory!

    Snow? We know ice cream and shaved ice…

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