Padraig Interviewed on BreakThru Radio


This fall I was contacted by the folks at BreakThru Radio to see if I’d be interested in doing an interview for their series “Biology of the Blog.” I said yes, but then elected to flyswatter my face into a dirt road, so we had to put the interview on hold for a while, as it hurt to speak for more than a couple of minutes, and then there was the fact that some of my consonants were as intelligible as static.

BreakThru Radio—BTR for the dedicated—if you’re unfamiliar with them, is essentially an on-line radio station with a cadre of DJs spinning some stuff far too fresh for commercial radio. I’ve been digging them ever since DJ Margaret got in touch about the interview. Unlike some other forms of independent radio, all the shows are available as podcasts so you can listen to them any time. You can check out the interview along with the tunes DJ Margaret is spinning here. Just hit the “play” button next to her name.


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  1. LesB

    2 things really perked up:

    “I want to confirm for them [cyclists] that they are doing something great with their spare time.”

    “…riding these REALLY COOL MACHINES!

    Never thought of my bike quite in those terms, but it’s very true.

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