Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from RKP


Gift giving is one of those activities that can take years to really appreciate. I didn’t get the value of it when I was a kid. Like the Grinch, there came a point when I’d like to think my heart grew three sizes. I doubt very much it happened in a single year, let alone a single event. The giving has come to mean much more to me and if I’m honest, I’ll admit that I think much less of giving than I think of sharing. I’ve still got a fundamentally selfish streak in me and writing is an activity I undertake first, and foremost, to satisfy me. Publishing my work is more an act of sharing than giving.

In as much as RKP can give a gift to you readers, I’d like to think we’ve been doing that all year long. So on this day we think of gifts both physical and spiritual, here’s to hoping that you got some gifts you were hoping for and were able to give some gifts that brought smiles to the faces of those you love. Most of all, I’m writing to thank you for the year you’ve given me. From the growth of our readership to the incredible support you showed me with the beer fund, this year has been an education in the power of the written word. My greatest Christmas gift is what you have given me this year and now being healthy enough to look back over the year that was and to have a chance to take it all in.

Thank you all for reading. I hope the holiday season brings you and yours much happiness.



  1. Savvycyclist

    Happy Holidays to you from a new reader. I just found you this year and want to thank you for all the great insight and information you have given me about a sport I love. Everything from figuring out what the heck, “Red Kite Prayer” means to my weekly favorite, the Group Ride. Hope you all have a wonderful and safe 2013, I’ll try to do my part by patronizing your sponsors.

  2. gmknobl

    Merry Christmas (late). I’ve enjoyed reading here and put in the occasional comment. And we have a bike ornament similar to the one in the pic too!

  3. Jon

    Thank you for the great site and all of the excellent writing throughout the year. Best wishes for a healthy and successful 2013. And by way of a brief plug, my favorite Christmas gift that I received was an RKP kit. Killer kit indeed! I will be the best looking (though not the fastest) rider in town.

  4. Pat O'Brien

    We got three great gifts this year. First we received a clean bill of dental health from the dentist. Then, our dog didn’t need surgery to his leg, it was just a soft tissue injury, like the hip flexor strain that kept me off the bike for 3 weeks. Then we discovered RKP and the Mad Dog blog this year. What more could you want? I know, a new bike!

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