Friday Group Ride #132

Lately, keeping up with all my cycling interests (the former pro whose name I dare not mention notwithstanding) feels like drinking from the fire hose. There is so much to read, watch, ride and think about. Was there ever a time when I was on top of it all? Or was I previously just unaware of how much was out there?

I’m a race fan, so I watch races. If I can’t watch, then I read the reports and the commentaries. Then I review the standings looking for riders and teams I like. Right now, that means trying to follow Live Update Guy’s Vuelta feed while I work in the morning. If anyone can instruct me in the proper method for both following the feed AND getting work done, I will pay you for the lesson. Mostly, I can do one or the other.

By the afternoon, the USA Pro Cycling Challenge is on. Oh, and I have a morning’s incomplete work to catch up on. Meanwhile, the various cycling sites are pumping out things I want to read. I want to read Stevil Kinevil’s blog, and that leads to about a dozen other blogs. I can save those for the evening after the kids are in bed and the wife is watching So You Think You Can Dance? I know I can’t dance.

If I spend my whole night reading blogs, then I haven’t read any of the three books, all cycling biographies, that are weighing down my nightstand. I also haven’t spent an hour at the stand in the garage, tuning a current ride or building up a project bike. I’m a crappy wrench, so a portion of that time is actually invested in watching videos of more capable hands doing the job I’m attempting.

Wait, a new magazine came. Most of these get relegated to the back of the toilet if I’m honest, but a few come up to the bedroom, the good ones. I want to devour them right away, but there is no more ‘right away’ available to me.

This week’s Group Ride asks the question: What do you pay attention to? With so much information, meditation, review, instruction, inspiration, etc. flying at you from every corner of the velo-verse, what takes priority? What is worth looking at? And why?

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  1. Disch

    Perfect discussion for a Friday afternoon when we should all be abandoning productivity anyway…

    Twitter lists help make an LA freeway-caliber mess of a social network palatable and form the base for current events tracking. Then there’s the random selection of glossies pulled off the rack at my locally owned bookstore, including the occasional splurge on some random rag that costs more than a 29 inch tube but somehow seems worth it.

    Worst case/best case scenario involves a trip to the LBS where they have one of the tours on the radio. That’s a full hour stop-down while you re-examine the integrated seatpost rocket you won’t be able to afford for another decade and eventually walk out with some odd nutritional product and a pair of socks you don’t need.

    Favorite all-time source though? The “old guys” I bike with who have been in the game for a long time and are gracious enough to talk a relative youngster through the ins and outs of the sport.

  2. Spiff

    See, while at work I stream the races on the work computer from Eurosport. I’m alone in my work space so its easy. The comentary is great, and its live, I never miss a race unless I’m riding that day. The Tour Tracker used for the Califonia and Colorado races fill the afternoon races. I read this blog on the iphone, so I don’t need much else.

  3. randomactsofcycling

    I’m with you Robot, there is too much for me to cover!
    I find if I stay away from ‘Social Networks’ the list of stuff to read diminishes slightly as I am not reading about all the stuff my friends are reading about!
    I have three or four favourite websites that I have found cover most of my interests and I skim the headlines on them a few times a day. I have a only one cycling subscription (RIDE) that is delivered and have managed to keep my stable to only one-bike-that-has-to-do-everything so I don’t spend a huge amount of time on maintenance.
    I’m actually trying to spend more time riding and getting fit!

  4. owl

    Maybe it wasn’t your intention, but you nailed the biggest issue of all. Time – where did it go, and where can I get some more?

    I get 2 cycling mags/month, which I can usually knock out before the next one shows up. Huge food & wine geek here, so that’s 3 more mags/month that usually push past 30 day deadline. Add that to 3-4 books on the nightstand with the first 50 pages read of each and I’m never going to catch up. Plus, 5-6 websites (cycling/food/wine) visited multiple times daily. Oh, and the reading with my two elementary age kids. Step away from the social media – can’t go there.

    Then these damned bike races start. I’m Eurosporting in the morning and Tour Tracking in the afternoon, then reading comments in the evening.

    Like you I used to think I was on top of it, but I think it’s more the other part of the equation that I was unaware of just how much there is out there to absorb about cycling. Tell me again why my childless friends kick my and my bike’s ass every time I ride with them?

  5. Jesus from Cancun

    I have 3 kids and a lovely wife. When I am at home cycling is the last thing in my mind, unless it means going for a ride with the kids around home.

    But when I am at work, RKP is my first visit of the day, after logging in. After checking if there is anything new, I take a look at my company’s email, I do anything urgent that might need to be done, and then straight to race results and other news from CyclingNews.

    One of the reasons I love my job is because it can get done in between, and I am still on top of my game.

    Then, maybe, just maybe, other sources of news, which I never watch at home. Not that I worry too much about what happens outside of my beautiful bubble.

    I haven’t read a book in at least two years, but I suscribe to the largest car magazine in Mexico, and Nat Geo… but honestly, the car magazine is the one I always read from A to Z…

    I intentionally don’t have a smartphone. So, no Tweeter nor Facebook. My wife and 14 year old daughter have theirs, but I have my own opinion and I am better off without them. I feel that my cheapie Nokia gives me a freedom that some others have long forgotten.

    I live in Cancun, so I have to find time to go to the beach sometime and to walk the Lab for a while every night.
    Life is just too busy, but I love it that way!

  6. Matt

    First – I’m glad I’m not the only one! Cycling is just about my everything and I love that we’ve had a season of GREAT stuff to follow…there is live coverage on nearly everyday, who can resist

    Second – embrace it! Work gets done, the stuff that matters rises to the front and we play catch up on the rest….so be it. I work in cycling so it’s all part of my “job” is my sort of excuse, but I’d do it anyway.

    Third – prioritizing…well, if I can’t watch live I’ll just do the last 5km’s, or if live I”ll use a 2nd computer to work on while I listen to the coverage and check in from time to time. It works pretty well. I get in about 10 hours of riding a week…most of it pretty focused and hard. I have a wife and 7 year old…but somehow it seems to be ok. So my answer is “I’m doing ok” …but the reality is that I could probably make a lot more money and have more clients if I spent less time on cycling in the media. Oh well….

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