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As I write this, my wife is struggling to pack for vacation while dealing with a free-form morning sickness that occurs at any our of the day, indeed most hours of the day. What part of this constitutes morning is debatable. It may soon becomes mourning sickness. She needs a break, even if her hormones intend to keep her within a quick dash of the toilet. The lousiness of the nausea aside, there are two great pieces of news in that. We’re adding another team member to RKP (albeit one that won’t be putting pen to paper just yet) and we’re about to head out for a whole lot of work that people call time off.

I’m in need of a break; it’s been a year since I last had one.

I won’t be completely checking out during our week away; I’ll be checking email some, but it’s unlikely that I’ll be returning any phone calls. Along those lines, a brief note about the RKP kits: There was a hold-up on the jerseys, arm warmers and vests; they should arrive during the second week of September. In the meantime, I’ve shipped out all the bibs and knee warmers to those who ordered them. If you ordered some, they are en route to you. While I’m away, of course, I won’t be shipping any orders; that will resume after our return.

You’ll see a couple of posts from me during my absence, ones that I’m attempting to finish shortly, but I’ll be more absent with regard to the comments section. Our other features such as Live Updates with Charles Pelkey (and terrific help from Patrick O’Grady), Tuesdays with Wilcockson and Robot’s Friday Group Ride will post as usual.

Other than spending serious time with family, it’s my hope that I’ll recharge some, do some reading and maybe, just maybe, work on a book proposal that has been more back-burnered than I’d like.

Oh yeah, one other little detail: I need to add another ad sales guy the RKP’s efforts to use sponsors to keep this thing afloat. If you can sell spit to camels and want to be working in the bike industry, I’d be interested in hearing from you. Be sure to put “Have Talent” in the subject line. And speaking of those sponsors, I hope all of you will consider the way the companies who advertise with us have stepped up. In each instance we’ve signed an advertiser, they have sponsored us because they believe in the content we provide and appreciate how we’re different from the other media sites out there. It’d be terrific if from time to time you clicked on their ads just to check out where they take you; most of our advertisers have special landing pages and they’re keen to let you know about some work they are particularly proud of. We don’t sell by click-through, but they like knowing you’re paying attention.

Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: We’ve agreed to give John Wilcockson the week off as well. Hopefully, you’ve been following John’s weekly columns over at peloton as well; it’s been a long season and he’s due for a break. 

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  1. Alan Canfield

    This is great news, Padraig! Enjoy every minute of sleepless bliss.

    The arrival of our little girl last year also inspired me to finish and publish my first cycling book. Write like a fiend before the big day because it won’t matter as much later.

  2. Jesus from Cancun

    I hadn’t paid attention to this post, I was “leaving it for the rest day at the Vuelta”.
    But that is great news, Padraig! Congratulations!

    I was hoping to find Mr. Wilcockson’s new column and now I see why it’s not in the site yet.

    Again, congratulations. I wish your wife has the patience to put up with your annoyance these next few months. I know, I know, it’s not their hormones, it is US who become suddenly annoying, insensitive and selfish…

    I am typing this with a big smile. Been through that 3 times, it was wonderful to be with her and be a part of it each time. I wish the best to you and your family.

    Enjoy this beautiful step in Life, I will read you later.

  3. Brad

    All my best wishes to you and your wife — great times ahead. And, enjoy your vacation!! Just finished a two-week vacation myself and my are they valuable.
    I’ll get my new kit after you return. (though I have to say I liked the older more colorful bibs a lot).

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