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For those of you who aren’t following us on Facebook or Twitter, you may not have heard that the blog Loving the Bike published its 2012 Crank Honors. We were pretty pleased to learn that we had been named the best blog in cycling yet again. In a way, this means even more than the nod we got from Outside Online last winter.

I know, that sounds crazy. Why would a mention from a blog with traffic a fraction of what Outisde’s is mean more? Well, as it happens, this was a reader poll. So this wasn’t a list put together by some random person. It’s a measure of what you, our readers have to say about us. That some portion of you would go out of your way to tell others about our work means a great deal.

So while the obvious title for this post ought to be, “RKP Named Best Road Cycling Blog”, that’s a bit self-congratulatory, and honestly, it’s something many of you already believe, judging from this accolade. So the right thing to say is, thank you.



  1. The Potato Man

    Great work Padraig. I have been a reader since you first linked here from BKW. I think I have read almost every written here and they are invariably, inciteful and entertaining. Keep up the good work.


  2. Jesus from Cancun

    Congratulations! Well deserved. I got here following Charles Pelkey, but I have taken the time to read several posts from the very beginning, and I like the approach taken from day 1.

    I hope this will help bring some good investors on board. Mainly because I would be extremely disappointed to not have Charles Pelkey doing the Tour updates this year, but also because as it was posted a few days ago, good writers deserve good wages. And I honestly believe that the best cycling writers in English language are here.

    Thank YOU, Padraig.

    1. Author

      Thank you Jesus. I don’t really see any investors coming on board (we’re not talking to anyone, nor has anyone shown the least interest) but as our readership grows, selling ads (which is how I pay both Pelkey and Wilcockson) has gotten easier.

      And maybe one day Trek will return our calls.

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