Live Updates: Paris-Roubaix 2012

The Live Update Guy’s coverage of the 2012 Hell of the North


  1. DavidA

    Boonen….greatest classics rider of our era. Will go down with Rik Van Looy and Brik Schotte and all the other “Flahaute” monsters from the heartland….amazing finish today.

  2. sam findley

    So, when do Pelkey and O’Grady replace Phil and Paul? ’cause I’m not watching Versus until that time!

  3. Author
    Charles Pelkey

    O’Grady and I are both working on our British accents. Unfortunately, I keep lapsing into the accent of my native Germany and, with a name like “Patrick O’Grady,” my partner in crime keeps trying to mumble in an Irish brogue, despite my constant warnings that Eurosport has a copyright on that one.

  4. Rob Beard

    The velodrome (at least my section) was bedlam when Tommeke arrived yesterday, but the bar just outside was buzzing with happy belgians for about an hour before. As soon as Tom went away, they all knew he would win. What a fantastic effort. I’m not sure anyone could have caught him, no matter how organized the peloton could have been. Boonen is on the form of his life! It was a joy to watch. Pelkey, thanks for keeping me updated while I was on the road to Roubaix yesterday, trusty iPhone in hand!

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