The Blue Sky Down Under

Earlier this winter we ran across the work of Australian photographer Liisa Heint. The Sydney-based shooter is known for her sports photography, having snapped everything from equestrian events to surfing and plenty of cycling. We suggested she pick a subject and run with it. You never know what you’ll get when you give a creative that kind of freedom, but what we got from her was as gorgeous as it was surprising.




  1. @dh_gnome

    Over the past weekend I had the chance to ride mtb with Danny Pate here in Sedona, AZ. After five hours of slow burning on single track and the endless fire roads of the Verde Valley, we hit the last long hill. I don’t think he shifted down and two turns later he was out of site. Seems the TDU has done him well for fitness.

    1. Author

      Fat Monte: That reminds me of the old Monty Python bit “The Four Yorkshiremen.”LMFAO

      Gnome: Thanks for stopping by yet again. I envy you both that ride and the time with Pate. Terrifically nice guy.

  2. Jesus from Cancun

    That is one of the best pictures of King Eddy I have seen from recent years.

    I also think it was kind of poetic to show that red kite. Very fitting.

    Gnome: You reminded me of Raul Alcala back in the old times. We used to joke that he went to ride the Tour de France to train, so he could come back and kill us on the Sunday Gato ride.

  3. randomactsofcycling

    I think the first picture says it all about cycling: a girl sitting on a fence, watching a race go by. In what other sport do you get such terrific views for free?

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