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We don’t usually have any trouble finding more than enough talent to populate the posts here at RKP. Today is really no different. Well, with one small exception. The Specialized v. Volagi case is about to start in San Jose. Because we like the work of both companies we sincerely hope this gets settled before the case goes to trial. But a trial may happen regardless of our feelings.

If a trial happens, the industry trade publication Bicycle Retailer wants a correspondent to cover the trial. We wouldn’t mind an intermittent update for the folks at home, too.

If you’re based anywhere near San Jose, have boatloads of free time to sit in court and can string together a dozen coherent sentences, we’d like to hear from you. Drop us a note here.

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  1. Champs

    I’ve said it before, but the worst thing Specialized could have done is sue over an obscure bike that plugs a hole in their product line.

  2. Darwin

    This has made alot of people aware of how often Specialized sues other companies. I was planning on buying a Roubaix next month but not now. specialized is out of control with the lawsuits.

  3. A Stray Velo

    Out of all the trials that would be of interest to me, this would be the one that I would really like to sit in on.

    @Padraig – Is the outcome of the trial going to affect the way you think and feel about either company? I think that’s an important question because it will indeed change things for some people in and outside the bike industry. Many cyclists around the world have already voiced their opinions before this thing even began and without all the facts. What’s going to happen when it’s over and we do have all the facts?

    I think the tough thing here is that industry folk will never really say what they think because of this unwritten code or I guess I could just call it business ethics in which nobody publicly trashes each other. Yet isn’t that what’s going on here? Well until the second gag order was laid down at least…

    I hope RKP and/or BRAIN gets someone to cover this because this is really important for consumers and industry members alike.

  4. Marc R

    It does look like this is another legal bullying by Specialized. Having worked for a large bike company and in shops for many years I can tell you that I would never support Specialized by buying one of their products. I will be glad if this case against Volagi brings them some good publicity and because they make a good product and are passionate about what they do. I’ll also enjoy seeing Specialized get a big black eye.

  5. Jesus from Cancun

    I would love to read Charles Pelkey’s take on this. I guess San Jose is too far from Wyoming to have him follow the trial in person… too bad.

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