The No-Drop Zone, Signed

When I got my first staff gig with a magazine part of my mission was to write all manner of how-to stuff for newbies. It was a good fit for me; previously I’d taught everything from Nordic skiing to bicycle maintenance. I really relished the ability to help flatten the learning curve for new cyclists. In addition to giving a step-by-step approach to skills like how to start and clip-in on an uphill, I’d often try to give a little background on why things were the way they were, such as what might lead you to find yourself needing to start on said hill.

Fast forward nine months and I realized that the articles I was writing were vanishing after the issue went off the newsstand. There needed to be a book that collected all this stuff. Well, it took 10 years to get the opportunity, but I did and the book was released this year.

I’ve been getting some requests from folks to purchase a signed copy, enough that I decided to put a page up in the store. As we’re getting into the holiday and gift-giving season, this could be a great gift for another cyclist in your life. Or you can forward the link to the store page to your sweetie. Either way.

And if you tell me a little something about the recipient, I’ll personalize the inscription.

Check it out here.




  1. Bart

    Padraig, thanks for offering to personalize the book. I’m interested in getting one for my wife as she has expressed interest for years about getting into road cycling but she seems to have a hard time getting over the hurdle and making it a hobby/habit. She has a bike, some clothes, and knows how to get in and out of her clipless pedals (she only fell over twice learning that one). I think this book might help her feel more confident and comfortable.

    When going through the checkout I didn’t see a place to add info about her so that you can personalize the inscription. What am I missing in the checkout process? I think a personalized inscription will add a lot to the gift!

    1. Author

      Bart: Congrats on bringing your wife into the sport. Sharing cycling with a spouse can be a terrific way to experience the world.

      Just drop us a note at: info [at] redkiteprayer [dot] com. I’ll take care of the rest.

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