RKP Welcomes Roger Wotton

Roger Wotton, enjoying a lighthearted moment on the MS150 Ride.

The last few weeks have been interesting ones for RKP. In addition to the recognition from Outside Magazine as the top blog in cycling (one of the more surreal events of my life), email has been cascading in from readers to tell me what they thought of peloton magazine‘s eighth issue. It seems to have resonated with most readers.

Behind the scenes there have been a number of inquiries about advertising, plus a few more about gear to be reviewed. In every instance, the answer has been an easy yes. However, there’s more to “yes” than just the “yes” itself. I realized I needed help.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve enlisted said help.

Roger Wotton is RKP‘s new advertising sales director. He has been a friend for a good ten years. We were riding buddies first, teammates later and always bike industry colleagues. After six years in management with two of California’s top Specialized Concept Stores (Cynergy in Santa Monica and Surf City Cyclery in Huntington Beach), Roger wanted to move to Portland, Ore., to share an address with his girlfriend. RKP was the vehicle to make his move something other than professional suicide.

Roger’s an intense, focused and detail-oriented guy. He’s the perfect complement to my big-picture thinking thanks to his ability to implement a plan in real-world operations.

In the weeks and months ahead, you’ll be seeing some new advertisers and will notice more frequent postings and a bit better organization about what goes up when.

It’s my personal good fortune to enlist a guy with uncompromising personal standards and integrity. RKP doesn’t need a slick salesman; we need someone who can speak the bike industry’s language of quality and passion.

And then there’s the fact that his near-term success will contribute directly to you seeing Charles Pelkey’s work more often.

What I can’t stress enough is that this is a tiny operation. Every dollar that rolls in helps to support Charles, Robot, Roger and me. There are no hidden VP’s, no uber-presidents, no shareholders. Just some guys who have dedicated their careers to bikes. Pardon me while I thumb my nose at all the big Wall Street job creators. I’m at four (jobs, that is) and am aiming for a few more by the time the Spring Classics roll around.

I hope you’ll welcome him in the comments below. And if you want to talk advertising, drop him a note.


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    1. Author

      Mark: Thanks for the kind words about BG. I’ll send Roger on by that page. Heck, I plan to visit it myself. Thanks for the heads-up.

  1. Peter Kelley

    Welcome – Roger. It is exciting to watch the organic evolution of a new world economic entity. Even more exciting because it started from something so simple and pure. Of course this can only end badly as more money oozes (or maybe even rushes) in. I will learn from and enjoy the experience! Good luck.

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