Merry Christmas from LUG: An unexpected gift from the doc

Dear readers,
I just wanted to give you a personal update on how things are going here at

As most of you know, I was diagnosed with cancer last July (right around the end of the Tour de France, for those who use the grand tours as a marker on the calendar). My doctors took a very professional – and aggressive – approach to the problem and I was in surgery for the first of three operations within days of the diagnosis. Then came what was supposed to be a 20-week regimen of chemo therapy, using a toxic combination of three drugs.

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  1. Souleur

    dear explainer Mr Pelkey:

    As a nurse practitioner in an internal medicine practice, my prayers will go up for you. In 21 years of practice, please trust me for what it is worth as I know you don’t know me from adam, but if you do, as one who provides care, as well as a fellow brother of the faith in cycling; here is a pearl

    There is a beautiful harmony that exists between what your going through in your battle with cancer and what you have loved all your life in cycling. Its not the suffering in the saddle, its not the hell of the north, or the long climb up the mountian but it is all about the assertion of ones will. Our winners of the maglia rosa, the maillot juane all assert their will over that of their opponents, and ultimately, that is what it is all about in your fight.

    Your will in this fight cannot be under estimated. It cannot be medically quantitated, yet I see this every day. Ones will can over come what seems daunting. Some call it miraculous, I simply choose the triumph of the will over what seemed impossible, yet it isn’t necessarily. It is the fight I have helped a many fight, including my best friend and lone wolf riding buddy this past year with his carcinoma in situ of the breast. Initially the results of the papilloma took our breath like a hard punch from the man with the hammer. But after a short recovery with reality, we talked, we surrounded ourselves with the best, we fought…he fought most of all. It was cleared after mastectomy, he is on tamoxifen and his human will continues to triumph over that of the nasty cancer.

    All the best to you, be stubborn, be cantankerous when you feel, pound the table with your fist if you must, but never give your will up to anything nor anyone in this fight.

    the rest will fall into its proper order
    all the best

  2. randomactsofcycling

    What he said ^ because he can say to so much better than I can.

    Best of luck to you Charles and a Merry Christmas.

  3. JohnG in Miami

    All the best to you Charles. Can’t wait for the Live Updates in 2012 and if you ever make it to Miami, I would be honored to go out for a ride with you (I got plenty of road bikes and I don’t mind sharing).

  4. Jesus from Cancun

    Master Pelkey, I hope you had very nice holidays with your family and friends!
    I will also be looking forward to your Live Updates, and also from your thoughts about whatever happens in the Contador trial.

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